Anticipated iPhone 5 is Officially Announced Today

The event is on at full speed in San Francisco today. Apple expects to sell 5.5 million units of new iPhone 5 in the first three days.

iPhone 5 is Announced as the “Biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”.

iPhone 5 Official Screenshot from Apple Website
iPhone 5 – Official Screenshot from Apple Website

It is finally here – Apple’s next-generation new iPhone – the much anticipated Phone 5. The device  will be released to the stores to be available for sale at 8:00 AM on September 21, as confirmed by Apple CNN’s Dan Simonpredicts the new iPhone “to be the biggest selling Smartphone of all time, shattering previous records set by Apple.”

Pre-order begins on September 14 and will start from $199.

I looks very similar to the iPhone 4S, with a metal backside and a dual-tone body, but with a smaller bezel that allows for a lightly thinner and larger tap screen. The display is measured 4 inches, giving an extra 0.5 inch diagonal, and is slightly longer then it’s predecessors. This format allows for a more video-friendly aspect ratio of 16×9. This change also makes room for kicking up some pixelage 960 x 640 is retired, giving room for 1136 x 640.

Sweet  1GB of RAM and 4G LTE compatibility make the deal even better, making the phone run better and faster on cellular networks . On the downside, we’ll need to invest in bunch of new accessories – specifically for charging, since a smaller 19-pin port has replaced the old bulky 30-pin.

To recap the iPhone 5’s new features:

It has a 326 PPI Retina display. The new screen on iPhone 5 is 4 inches, 1136 by 640 pixels with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. The iPhone 5 is made entirely of glass and aluminum with:

  • iOS 6
  • Made entirely of glass and aluminum
  • Larger diagonal screen – 4″
  • 4G LTE compatible
  • 1 GB – yes!
  • New Dock Connector (19-pin connector)
  •  7.6 mm thin – the world’s thinnest smartphone
  • It weighs 112 grams, 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S
  • 326 PPI Retina display.
  • Headphone jack position moved to bottom
  • 1136 by 640 pixels with a 16 x 9 video-friendly aspect ratio
  • New headphones
  • A6 chip boosts up graphics
  • Panoramic shots with iSight camera

iPad & iPod

iPad Mini Release Scheduled:One of the additional Apple-related rumors of the year has been the launch of a smaller iPad Mini.

iPod nano with 2.5″ display, home button, 38% thinner than its predecessor – and did I mention it is available in 7 colors? Silver, black, lavender, green, blue, yellow, red.

iPhone store closed

Earlier this morning – Apple Store, getting ready for orders

Apple Store has been officially closed this morning – a usual procedure before the release of the new product.


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