Is Your Antivirus Protection Up to Security Standards? Check these 4 Major Areas

When people think of antivirus protection, the area that comes to mind is the personal computer, being obvious. Most often, people tend to forget that they access company data not just from their desktop workstation, and that data resides in more than one location.

Here are 3 major areas of antivirus protection

Which areas need to have adequate antivirus protection?

1. Personal Workstations

This one is obvious: you and your employees rely on your workstations during business hours, and you need to make sure each and every one of them has adequate antivirus protection.

2. Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD)

Here is the truth: your workforce is accessing the business networks through their personal devices.  They check their emails via their smartphone, set up appointments and confirm schedules, and catch up with work on their tablets or laptops during the off hours. You must remember these devices are not just a convenience: they are a potential vulnerability as they are also the endpoint of entrance into the business computer network. As such, these should be scanned for malware and viruses often and regularly. One vulnerable device can compromise your entire business network when not protected correctly.

3. Servers

It is also important to have proper antivirus protection on the company server. In a scenario where malware can infect a personal device and get through to the server, the entire business network server could be crippled. Additionally, some malware attacks the servers directly, and any virus that makes it to the server can also infect every device connected to the compromised server. Sensitive information can be destroyed or leaked into public space, and an event like this can devastate or even destroy a business.

4. Cloud

Often companies and individuals rely on cloud solutions for their business – may it be the File Sharing, the Hosted Email, Database and Web Hosting, etc. It is important to research your solutions provider and to ensure that their platform is employing a professional, top-notch security solution.

Protect Your Business

Antivirus software is used to remove or prevent malware from getting into your computer, protect a computer system from malware such as viruses, computer worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and other forms of malicious software. Here is how antivirus solutions protect your business:

  • Keeping your system safe from trojans, spyware, computer viruses and worms, password and data theft and other malware threats
  • Maximizing your defense against new and unknown threats by stopping most threats proactively
  • Enabling users to share files with confidence by stopping threats from accessing your system via removable devices.
  • Scan and clean email and Internet traffic, including SSL-encrypted content, so your emails are always safe.
  • Protection from Spam
  • Performance metrics, system diagnostics and recovery
  • Real-time an on-demand protection
Most often viruses, worms, trojans, spies, and other forms of malware rely on security failure when they target your computer. Minimize the threat by keeping operating systems and software up-to-date, run firewall and antivirus software, and be smart about opening unrecognized or unexpected emails and their attachments and links.

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