Phishing, such as recent Ebola virus Phishing attack is done to gain access to your data, such as personal and financial information. In the wrong hands it can make you broke, destroy your reputation, or crumble your businesses.

If you believe your computer, your business data or personal information have been compromised as a result of the phishing fraud, you must act fast!

Practical Advice

  1. First of all, immediately report the incident it to the appropriate staff within your organization, most importantly your tech support and network administrators.
  2. Stop using personal computer until your computer network administrators run the diagnostics and remedy any issues, if found. Use alternative computer in the meanwhile…
  3. If you think  financial accounts may have been compromised, contact your financial institution immediately and close any accounts that may have been compromised. Monitor accounts activity to avoid fraudulent charges.
  4. If you think your consumer accounts have been compromised, remember this: many people keep their billing information stored in their consumer accounts, such as Amazon or department stores online:  change your passwords and remove  any credit card information stored there as soon as possible.
  5. Overall, if password that has been compromised has also been used elsewhere, change those passwords that may have been affected, in  respective accounts.
  6. Report the attack to the Federal Trade Commission.

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