Bad RabbitBad Rabbit, a new ransomware, has been quickly spreading across networks in Europe. If this sounds familiar, you are correct – Bad Rabbit is almost identical to previously infamous malware variants WannaCry and Petya infections that wreaked havoc across networks in Europe earlier this year.

If you weren’t affected by those before, you probably know someone who was, or have heard about the devastating fallout from major media outlets.

In fact, all three ransomware variants share almost identical source code. As with most ransomware, victims are directed to a Tor payment page and are presented with a countdown timer. Pay within the first 40 hours or so and the payment for decrypting files is 0.05 bitcoin, around $285. Those who don’t pay the ransom before the timer reaches zero are told the fee will go up and they’ll have to pay more.

How does Bad Rabbit spread?

Security research firms believe that the main way Bad Rabbit spreads is through hacked websites. No exploits are used; rather visitors to compromised websites are told that they need to install a Flash update. This update is in fact not a flash update, rather the executable for the infection. Thankfully, the infected websites are mostly based in Russia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. There is no evidence – YET! – that there are any affected websites in the United States. But it is fair to expect it to be only a matter of time before businesses of all sizes getting affected again.

Since the infection is based on the WannaCry and Petya source code, many antivirus solutions already protect against this virus. Likewise, the same Windows patches deployed to prevent the spread of WannaCry and Petya will also help protect against Bad Rabbit.

4 Ways to Protect Your Network and Data

Ultimately, having many solutions in place will assist in protecting your organization’s network and data. Solutions such as

1. Antivirus/Antimalware

Term Antivirus refers to the common means of fighting computer malware. While hackers have become very much skilled and prolific in their spread of malware, conventional antivirus is being augmented with more advanced techniques and features. Antivirus software has become one component of security suites that offers multi-layered protection for computers.

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2. DNS Blackhole Technology

DNS blackhole (aka sinkhole) works by using the DNS to catch malware by intercepting, isolating, and remove malware. It blocks the malware from connecting to its source and disables it from confirming control and taking over your systems by an attacker

3. Regular Backup

Businesses today take a big risk with remote backup services when they lack knowledge in what to look for. Some organizations go through a horrible experience when their data wasn’t actually backed up properly, leaving their business operations high and dry when they needed it most. When looking for a backup vendor, you definitely want to make sure you select a solid, reputable provider you can rely on. You do not want to be burned with hidden fees, unexpected price increases, or have a backup failure and put your business at risk.


4. Patching schedule

A patch is a software update code applied (or patched) to the code of an executable program.  Software patches go beyond fixing bugs, they address security vulnerabilities and software “glitches”. Every update is critical: skipping over them can leave your computer, tablet, phone, or another device – even your whole network – vulnerable to malware attacks that the patch can prevent

These measures will ensure that infections can be prevented, and if the unfortunate circumstance occurs of files being encrypted, they can be quickly restored from a backup. customers rest assured the mentioned solutions are already in place protecting their network.

Is your business protected from ransomware like Bad Rabbit or WannaCry?

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