Another wave of fake Amex emails – this time regarding an “American Express Personal Safe Key (PSK)”. Once again it is one of those correspondences that look legitimate, however, it is not. Instead, it is just a phishing scam designed to extract private financial information from American Express account holders.

According to this email customers must create “Personal Security Key” (they also call it “Personal Safe Key” or “PSK”.

According to American Express, a real “American Express SafeKey® is a 3-D Secure® authentication tool that works to reduce online fraud by confirming the Cardmember’s identity with an additional password.

amex phishing example SafeKey
Here is a screenshot of an email I have received that is definitely a fraud email. The first giveaway is the fact that it is not even addressed to me, but to another email address I know nothing of.

If you receive a fake email like this, by clicking on the link in the scam email you will be taken to a fake Amex page designed to mimic a genuine American Express website. You will be asked to login providing your private credentials, such as user ID and password, and Voilà – crooks have access to your account. And possibly other accounts, if you use the same user username and password for multiple places.

In addition you may be asked to “confirm” or provide your full name and address, date of birth credit card number, expiration date, and other sensitive details.

The crooks behind the scam will misuse your data by accessing your account, and may also use it for further identity theft.

Phishing scam may affect both your personal, and your business data. Please, read our 7 Tips for Everyday Cybersecurity for ideas on how to protect your computers, your data, your identity and your money from online criminals

Email and Phone Phishing comes in many forms. Here is more information on some other scams you may come across:

What to do if you receive an email like this fake Amex email?

If you receive email that is requesting personal information, has an attachment or links you are invited to follow, we recommend not to click on any links or download any attachments that came with it. American Express – or any other reputable financial institution – does not send their customers unsolicited emails requesting credit card details or other information through email.

If you are interested in authentic Personal authentic Personal SafeKey®, call Amex directly at 1-888-654-0019, or call them at the number at the back of your credit card, and ask for assistance with PSK.

If you are not sure if an incoming email is real or fake you can either contact the financial institution like American Express directly, or you can consult with your trusted IT Services provider. A good anti-spam solution your IT support company can provide you with should minimize the number of phishing scam spam occurrences.

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