5 Biggest Tech Flops of 2013

CNN had just released their view of what this last year’s 10 biggest tech fails.  I don’t agree that all of them are actually tech fails some are more of conception, management and marketing fails, so here are the few important ones to make a note of, in no particular order.

  1. HealthCare.gov. Unless you live under a rock, no comments are necessary.  Among commentators, snich82 believes that “The Healthcare dot gov rollout should take the spots 1 through 9.”
  2. Twitter Music – a follow-base-music-suggestion-tool, never gained traction. You may not have even been aware there was one – and probably the same goes for  Facebook Home, a phone app suite for a facebook-centric experience.  Well… that didn’t seem to gain any traction. These two did not even deserve to be placed in individual categories.
  3. Blackberry in demise. Again. Personally, I don’t remember seeing anyone using a Blackberry last year. Perhaps you did.
  4. Microsoft’s Surface tablet.  The buildup was great, but anticipating crowds were disappointed. iPad still stands as #1, and although many businesses are looking to Microsoft to fulfill their needs for a business tablet hybrid, that day is yet to come; Microsoft is nearly giving away the Surface now. Perhaps  next generation Surface will do better.
  5. Yahoo Email Outage: 2013 has been a rocky year for Yahoo. Between multiple email outages and other mail issues, will Yahoo recover next year? The last outage that took place just two weeks ago and left many people without access to their emails for several days in the row. For those of you who run small business and still rely public email for business correspondence – here is a wake up call to come to the professionals for the email services.


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