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Data Security: What Can You Do To Mitigate Risk

Data security is important, but one main facet of data security is accessibility. Safe data is of no use to anyone if it becomes inaccessible. So as you make plans to defend against events which could threaten data security; plan to defend against events which would limit the use of that data to conduct your

4 Common Threats to Your Data

There are numerous ways data can be put at risk. A number of different events will have an impact on customers and pose a threat to your brand, as well as your ability to provide services 1. External Bad Actors – Clearly, this is the risk that gets the most headlines. Cyberattacks from hackers, foreign

How To Setup Your Workforce With a Secure Remote Access

COVID-19 pandemic made working remotely the new norm. Because of advances in mobile and networking technologies, employees are increasingly working from various locations, connecting to their offices online. This ability to work from anywhere can be a great benefit for employees who are looking for work-life balance as well as organizations that are committed to

How To Implement a Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity recovery plans can help businesses realize the following benefits: Ensure the highest level of data security Enhance business resiliency and maintain reputability Achieve maximum availability of mission-critical data Maintain continuity of business operations even in the harshest scenarios Have processes in place to minimize recovery time after a disaster Considering all these advantages,

Multiple Active Phishing Campaigns Targeting O365 Credentials

Multiple phishing campaigns have been identified targeting Microsoft Office 365 (O365) users in an attempt to steal login credentials. In one of the campaigns, the phishing email mimics an automated official notification from the Outlook team on behalf of the recipient’s organization. The email urges recipients to upgrade Outlook services within 24 hours to avoid

Penetration Tests Demonstrate Passwords are Still a Security Problem

Passwords continue to be a top security challenge for organizations, with penetration testers revealing that they can easily guess passwords in the majority of their engagements, according to the 2019 Under the Hoodie report published byRapid7. The new report, which documents the results of 180 pen tests carried out from September 2018 through May 2019,

Do You Have a Cybersecurity Program?

As a small/medium business owner or manager, it is imperative that you have an awareness of cybersecurity related-risks and implement infrastructure and processes to mitigate those risks.  According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 58% of breach victims are categorized as small businesses.  Roughly 75% of these breaches are perpetrated by outsiders, while approximately

Twitter Hacked in Coordinated Social Engineering Attack

Twitter stated that the company detected what they believed to be “a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools.”  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted several hours later that it was a “tough day for us at Twitter.” Twitter acknowledged that some users’ features

Has your info and password been hacked? – Latest breach had compromised billions of records

A hacker claims to have breached the backend servers belonging to a US cyber-security firm and stolen information from the company’s “data leak detection” service. The hacker says the stolen data includes more than 8,200 databases containing the information of billions of users that leaked from other companies during past security breaches. The databases have been collected

Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Fraud

Through powersolution’s membership of the Cyber Health Working Group (CHWG)*, a new phishing campaign has been detected and reported on. This phishing campaign is designed around COVID-19 themed emails that contain a link to a phishing page that attempts to collect credentials for multiple banks. The attackers then use the information collected to extort funds

Top 10 Computer Virus Symptoms [Checklist]

Computer virus symptoms are a not cast in stone, but rather a moving target. Just like with the human viral conditions, they evolve through generations – which in computer technology terms may mean weeks or even days. Some symptoms may not necessarily mean an infection – for example, if you are sneezing, you do not

A HIPAA Risk Assessment is Mandatory: How to Avoid Audit Troubles

As a professional in the healthcare field, you obviously are very familiar with HIPAA, that ever-present reminder that data security is an issue that is always running in the background behind every activity that takes place in a medical professional’s workplace––as well as almost every supporting business that works with them. Everyone who works with

Did you know? Tax preparers must develop a written Information Security plan

Every tax professional in the US is a potential target for well-funded and technologically sophisticated cybercriminals who aim to steal your clients’ data. Often their goal is to steal data to steal your EFINs or CAF numbers and impersonate their victims and to file fraudulent tax returns. Cybercriminals use several avenues, including email, fax and

The cost of downtime for small business

Downtime is not a question of it is happens, but when it happens. Is your business a downtime statistic? 24% of companies said they experienced a full data disaster? 44% of small businesses have been a victim of a cyber attack? Average midsize companies have 16 to 20 hours of network, system, or application downtime

Ensure Employee Well-Being for Business Continuity

Communication during and following an emergency presents a variety of challenges. So, crafting an employee safety and communication plan that works is absolutely essential. The specifics will vary widely from company to company, but your emergency safety and communication plan must address the following: How the company will ensure employees are safe during a disaster

Best Practices for Financial Services IT

If your company identifies as a financial service business that doesn’t have the IT resources to  effectively recover from a major outage, make sure you’re weighing all of the factors around the costs of downtime. Here are the facts: US businesses lose $12 billion annually due to data loss. 93% of companies that lose their

Financial Companies Have a False Sense of Security

While you may be taking some precautions, such as securing and backing up your sensitive data, sometimes that’s not enough. There is a common misconception that data is safe if backed up once a day, but this outdated practice is no longer sufficient for several reasons: If you forget to perform the backup or the

11 Slow Computer Issues you must fix right now

Reason #1: Your computer was running for a long time without a reboot.   What is a Boot? What’s a Reboot? Is it the same process as a Start and Restart? There are lots of explanations, definitions, and plain nonsense. Some are great valid technical definitions hard to digest for someone not involved in IT.

Is my business a candidate for managed services?

You are NOT a good candidate for Managed Services, if: Your IT plan is to deal with issues as they come. You only want help when you cannot figure it out yourself. You don’t want to spend money on services you think you don’t need, and you don’t care why others tell you you need

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