Case Study: IT Transition

From years of dissatisfaction with a prior IT firm to a Highly Secure and Professionally Supported IT Environment

Loren Ferraro, LLC

CLIENT:           Loren Ferraro, LLC
INDUSTRY:     Accounting Services
ADDRESS:       Midland Park, NJ 07432

Loren Ferraro LLC is a licensed accounting and tax preparation services firm located in New Jersey.

The firm helps customers and small businesses in New Jersey with various finance-related services including consulting, business planning, and auditing.


Loren Ferraro decided to make an IT transition to  powersolution, trusting our reputation of reliability and expertise in Managed Security and Managed IT Services.


After a 12-year period of inadequate adequate level of responsiveness and lack of consultation Lauren Ferraro firm was experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with their incumbent IT support  provider.

  • Outdated Technology: The firm’s hardware, operating software, critical financial application software, and network/cabling infrastructure were outdated, resulting in lack of security and not supporting the firm’s business needs.  Office operations, client servicing, and revenue were at significant risk.
  • Remote Connectivity Issues: The Pandemic caused a mandate for increased work-from-home staffing, while IT systems were not accommodating for most secure remote connections to an in-house server.
  • Potential Software Incompatibility: The Dell PowerEdge/Windows Server 2008 that hosted the firm’s Peachtree accounting software application was creating a high-risk environment, as Windows 2008 Standard came to End-of-Support by Microsoft in January 2020.  The end of support meant that Microsoft would no longer issue security updates.  Older software is more vulnerable to exploitation since it doesn’t receive critical patches and in turn, becomes a magnet for cyberattacks.
  • Latent Hardware Failure: Additionally, the older server caused issues rebuilding the hard drive arrays and one hard drive was showing predictive failure.


  • Thorough Analysis: First, powersolution performed a complete analysis of the Loren Ferraro LLC hardware, software, and network environment.  This included scanning the server and inspecting the workstations and laptops to determine the current condition, specifications, and needed updates and replacements to secure the environment and properly support the firm’s business needs.
  • Vendor Management: we facilitated communication with Sage software company to help upgrade Peachtree to an up-to-date Sage accounting product that could run on the new server.
  • Organization: Along with the server replacement, powersolution performed a server room organization project.  This included mounting the server in a wall rack, installing new switchgear, and arranging a cabling process. The organization project improved the manageability, performance, and reliability of the network environment.
  • Critical Upgrades: The predictive failure of an old server was identified as a result of our proactive 24×7 monitoring and management.  As a result, powersolution informed the firm’s owners that the server might fail or get compromised by cyber criminals, including during the upcoming tax season.  Understanding these risks, the Loren Ferraro owners authorized powersolution to proceed with a server upgrade IT project, replacing the old unit with a new Dell Windows 2016 server.
  • Threat Protection and Prevention: To further bolster IT security, powersolution implemented its Threat Ops protections, which include “ransomware canaries” (programs in the data mine), persistent foothold protections (attackers dwelling in the network), and external recon exposure monitoring (secures open communication ports).  \
  • Superior Security: With respect to the significance of IT security measures for the business process, Loren Ferraro authorized powersolution to implement its cloud-based Secure Global Network (SGN) protections.    SGN provides 12 layers of security functions from any in-office or remote location.  A few of the key functions include Security Information Event Management (SIEM) with forensics, traffic analysis, artificial intelligence, alert handling, and hot data retention.


Improved productivity and efficiency are a direct result of engaging in Managed services, as well as a solid ROI. Most of IT problems are prevented due to enhanced security, close monitoring and proactive behind-the-scenes procedures. Any issues are solved fast through authorized remote helpdesk access or during an on-site support.  A critical security posture is strengthened with digital defense for business process and for regulatory compliance readiness. 

Jeffrey Loren

Jeffrey Loren

CPA and Managing Member

powersolution quickly and efficiently analyzed our IT systems and cost-effectively updated our hardware/software and transitioned us to their platform seamlessly, despite having to navigate their way from our old ineffective platform and our somewhat uncooperative prior IT firm.

We are a small CPA firm that normally meets face-to-face with clients, especially during Tax Season, and had to quickly transition to working at home during our most busy and productive time of the year due to COVID-19. The team at powersolution set us up with VPNs in no time and we were able to completely and seamlessly transition to working at home with no downtime at all. Aside from that, they have always returned calls immediately and their response time has been instantaneous. For us, especially during Tax Season, that was critical and an important part of our decision to hire them.

Everyone that we have dealt with at powersolution has been both professional and courteous and has always gone out of their way to help us in any way possible. They are truly caring professionals in every way, from the hands-on owner David Dadian down to the support level staff, you can always count on them. We highly recommend powersolution with confidence in the knowledge that they will prove to be an excellent choice. We definitely know that we made the right choice and I’m happy to speak with anyone directly who might be contemplating hiring them as their IT firm.


We specialize in non-intrusive, expert IT transitions to Managed IT and Security Services