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Our Co-Managed IT services offer the agility businesses need to adapt their IT strategies rapidly.

We are pleased to introduce you to the best of both worlds: your in-house IT support & our professional expertise.

Maximize your IT department's strengths with Co-Managed IT Services

Increasingly, medium-sized businesses are moving to Co-Managed IT, leveraging the resources of an outsourced IT provider.

Why The Trend Towards Co-Managed IT?

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Is your IT department always seething in perpetual distress from a talent and resources shortage? This is the clearest sign yet that your business needs more than just the internal IT department. At its core, co-managed IT is about building a robust framework that amplifies your internal IT capabilities while harnessing the vast resources of a managed IT services provider in a volatile business environment.

  • Are your employees’ credentials, passwords, and private information being sold on the Dark Web?
  • Are your IT systems and data truly secured from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, worms, and sabotage?
  • Would your current backup allow you to be up and running fast if ransomware locked all your files?
  • Are your IT systems, backup and data handling meet strict compliance requirements for data protection?

How certain are you about the cybersecurity of your organization?

Our Co-Managed IT services offer a collaborative approach to tackling your IT challenges

  • Unburden your in-house IT department by offloading routine, time-consuming tasks to your trusted co-managed MSP.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary costs of hiring a full-time IT specialist for skill-intensive IT duties.
  • Stitch up the knowledge gaps between your in-house IT team. Building seamless collaboration with your co-managed IT services provider drives a skills exchange between our experts and your IT team.
  • Retain control over your IT and technology-driven business functions, choosing which activities to outsource and which ones to pursue in-house.

What’s covered by Powersolution?

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Co-Managed IT Services in NJ

Co-managed IT is an IT service framework where businesses outsource part of their IT burden to a third-party IT service provider. Unlike traditional IT services, co-managed IT imports external expertise, tools, and other resources without necessarily hiring additional IT talent.

Co-managed IT services can benefit your business in a number of ways, starting with the ability to scale your IT operations with greater efficiency. Co-managed IT also helps cut costs; by eliminating the need to hire additional internal staff, businesses can avoid the high costs of recruiting, training, equipping, and maintaining the new staff.

Co-managed IT service teams are often skilled experts in the field of cybersecurity in your specific industry vertical. Compliance regulations are dynamic in nature; a proactive managed IT provider can help keep pace with evolving cybersecurity threats that form the basis for non-compliance.

Whether you’re operating a small business or a large enterprise, we can scale our services to meet your specific requirements.

Our commitment is to provide solutions that evolve with your business.

Co-managed IT services are fully customizable to your needs. Functions such as lower-level support and network monitoring can be outsourced to your provider while more complex tasks that demand deeper knowledge about the company can be left to the in-house team.

Powersolution’s co-managed IT services are unique in that we deliver all IT services your business needs under one roof. Our knowledge in a diverse set of industries, from legal, finance, manufacturing, to financial and industrial services equips us with the skill sets required to take on a diverse portfolio of challenges facing your business.