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If you are looking for a Reliable Technical Support and Managed Services IT Company to run business computer systems for small or medium size organization in New Jersey or New York area to manage your business computer network, from 24/7 computer network monitoring to full project support, please call us a call at 201-493-1414 today to speak to a Business IT Solutions specialist about your specific business needs.


Managed IT Services

Monthly IT Support Plans, Predictable Budget, Access to Professional IT experts. A team of highly skilled network engineers and computer technicians service your business computers at a fraction of a cost of a full-time employee.

IT Project Management

We assist you in ensuring that your project is completed on time and on budget. We help businesses define their expectations, best delivery methods, and communication strategies for a successful outcome.

Business IT Consulting

Assessment, diagnosis, action plan: we help you reach your optimal business goals by providing research-based advice, project estimates, management, implementation, deployment, and administration of your IT systems.

Cloud Solutions

Fully managed, maintained, and supported, our hosted cloud solutions provide the backup, technical support, and secure data access your organization needs to keep your operations functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Data and Computer Network Security & Business Continuity

Protect and secure your data and ensure your business continuity with our proactive methods of business safety, best-in-class data backup, network security solutions, and services giving you the accessibility, security, and affordability you need.

Well-designed, secured, and properly set up network is a top priority for a successful, resilient business. We protect your business computer systems infrastructure and data by being proactive with network security, offering solutions designed for your specific business needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Considering how much your mission-critical computer network means for the success of your business, you must turn to a trusted IT adviser when it comes to making your computer network compliant with legal regulations.

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Your business could probably use a little help. In addition to certain, similar processes used by any Small and Medium size business for their IT services, every organization has a unique set of needs. We practice an approach of combining proven process methodologies with the individual approach every business deserves. Are you ready for better IT support?


Get Virtual CIO Services and Professional, Reliable Tech Support for your Business Computer Systems is a Virtual CIO and Managed Services Provider. Our custom services have a wide range. IT support, data security and business continuity, network system integration, and consulting services. Supplying and testing hardware, software and networking solutions.  Our Managed Services / Business Computer Network Support Services are local. As Managed Service Company in New Jersey and New York area we service local clients and their respective satellite locations throughout the world.

What you get with our Services:

  • Management of your computer business systems
  • Expert IT Consulting
  • Access to a Professional IT staff
  • Onsite and Remote Computer Tech Support
  • Network Monitoring
  • Business Data Security Solutions
  • Desktop Maintenance
  • Server Maintenance and Secure Backup
  • Business Continuity Solutions

Call our office today at 201-493-1414 to talk to a Business Computer Systems and IT Network specialist.


Are Your Business Computer Systems Riddled with Constant Problems?

Do your network issues constantly cause workflow interruption? Do your employees complain about computers crashing and freezing and stopping you from getting work done? Are you tired of wasting money on fixing computer problems that keep coming back?  You need to make sure you and your team is focused on completing business tasks instead of trying to deal with computer problems

Your Biggest Investment Shouldn’t Also Be Your Biggest Worry

One of the most important business investments is the one you put into your computer network and the technology that runs your organization. Yet research shows that most SMBs have unstable, unreliable and computer networks that are costly to maintain. To boot, most small business networks are not providing a Return On Investment (ROI) they could. It is simply because they were not correctly and properly planned and implemented right from the beginning.

You Could Finally Make Your Technology Pay Off

The good news is that when properly planned and implemented, technology can give your organization a great competitive advantage. Technology can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff, and it can help you keep your revenue and profits where it belongs – in your pocket or to be used for growing your business.

In order for any technology to give you these kinds of results, it must be designed to support your specific business goals and to work with your challenges. We specialize in helping Small and Medium-size businesses: Our computer support company can help you every step of the way to make sure your business computer network is done right, your data is secure, and your business continuity is ensured.

We’re Not Just Your Average Tech Support Company

We take the time to evaluate your environment, ask the right questions about your operational needs, and work with you to really understand your organization, to make sure your ongoing business goals and needs are aligned with proper support. Our entire focus is on making ways minimize the demands on your time and your resources, and on finding ways to eliminate technology complexity from your life.

Since 1996, powersolution, a Managed IT in New Jersey company, helped hundreds of small business owners do just that. We can help you make your business more productive and more successful. Please give us a call for a no-obligation consultation today.

Get reliable, professional tech support for your small business computer systems:
call us 201-493-1414 or Request a Consultation today.
Our Awards:
IT Support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution industry awards
IT support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution IT industry awards
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