How Radically Changing Corporate Culture Can Optimize Security, Communications, and Productivity

Coaching Replaces Managing

Harnish’s “constant theme” in the past has been that no one wants to be managed anymore — data has replaced management. But, we all need coaching, which is why Harnish believes in SUCCESS Magazine owner and friend Stuart Johnson’s upcoming program he’s created with some of the top players and influencers surrounding Coach John Wooden, one of the best coaches in sports history, creator of Pyramid of Success, a complete guide to leading yourself and others to a “championship life”.

Pick the Right Players

A critical element in “championships” is recruiting. Two specific articles/blog posts this week by Scaling Up fans/practitioners provide some excellent details around attracting and hiring the right people. The first is by Sukesh Das, Founder & Chief Editor of HR Management Leaders. He opens with the 3 reasons standard job descriptions end up attracting the WRONG talent, which he nails. Then he goes on to detail the creation of a Job Scorecard along with an excellent example and sample Job Scorecard. The key is including the OUTCOMES you’re wanting this person to achieve. His example greatly helps to clarify the whole process.

Common Language, Common Ground

Outstanding coaches also create a common language to streamline communication. Besides emphasizing the importance of Topgrading in this Forbes article, David Schnurman, CEO of Lawline (the largest provider of online legal education), goes on to detail how implementing a common language completely transformed his growth firm. Specifically:

“The overall consensus is that we have completely transformed by focusing on 3 major areas 1) transparency of information, 2) alignment of departments, and 3) active participation by creating a forum for employees to share their concerns or challenge without fear.”

No doubt part of that openness and lack of fear in the corporate culture of enterprises everywhere will help lead the way to a more unified, secure, and productive workplace, collectively.

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