How Employees Slip Up

When you look around at your digital landscape, you can probably point to any number of ways that a cyber attack might occur — but can you identify your single greatest threat? Employees, the greatest asset to most high-performing organizations, also represent one of the biggest threats. However, there are ways to reduce the cyber security risks of employee negligence.
The path to decreased risk can seem daunting at first, when you consider cyber security risks of employee negligence. The blame can be shared by employees, management and even security teams who need to step up and take action.
Correcting the Wrongs
It all boils down to bad habits and ignorance — employees learn how to do things a certain way and keep doing them that way, often not even knowing they’re being negligent.
Something as simple as leaving a computer unlocked and unattended might seem like normal everyday behavior, but for organizations that have locked down their risk factors, this is a big no-no. Your cyber security policy should hold these employees accountable for their actions because it can have sweeping, companywide impact that you don’t want to see.
It’s not unusual for a company to have some basic security guidelines that are handed down shortly after being hired, usually through the onboarding process, but far too many companies leave it at that and never follow through with education or training. This leaves the employee essentially ignorant of all the various threats that are out there and how they’re putting themselves and the company at risk.
Build a New Framework 
Your company culture is important in everything from branding to employee happiness, but your cyber security practices need to be part of the framework, too. With more than a large number of executives stating that human error is the source of their cyber attacks, it’s imperative that your company culture reflects a sense of security.
The way to get there is through offering ongoing training. Furthermore, information sessions need to be held regularly, but not just with the security team — this needs to happen company-wide because everyone who has access to the system needs to know how their behavior can lead to a virtual disaster.
Mistakes happen, but with high quality cyber security tools and services, your company can reduce its exposure to high-risk situations. Go with a provider that knows about the cyber security risks of employee negligence because they’ll have the solutions you need to keep your employees from making grave errors.
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