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Cyber attacks are on the rise. Malware, ransomware, phishing, and social engineering have caused a surge in cyber incidents with crippling fallout. It takes proficient cyber security consultants in NJ to guide you through the meanders of cybersecurity and keep your most valuable data assets where they belong – away from cybercriminals.

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Why Clients Rely On Our Cybersecurity Consulting Services in New Jersey

John Burgoyne
The team at has provided us with immediate and reliable tech support service every time we needed them. It is a comfort knowing that their preventive IT solutions are always working behind the scene, allowing us to focus on what’s important, the business of serving emergency responders with the equipment they need to save lives…
M Hubert
I wanted to say a very huge thank you from all of us at AIN for all of the help powersolution team have given us. Everyone has been really phenomenal to work with and patient with all of our requests and issues. We have made an awful lot of changes lately, we are in much better shape than we were a few weeks ago…Thank you very much – you are all so fabulous to work with!
Denise DeVaughn
The support team at Powersolution is second to none. We are a fast-growing company and are thankful to have an IT support team that can meet our needs and assist even our most novice users with patience and professionalism, every time. I am so appreciative of all the assistance your team has provided me over the years, by far the best IT company I have ever worked with.
Matthew Alcalde
You’re the best, Simon. Seriously, David. In almost 20 years of being in HR, I have never worked with a vendor whose ENTIRE team is professional and responsive as you all. You can quote me on that. Awesome job.
DIRECTOR Humanity Health Inc. New York, NY
John Scura
In 2017, The powersolution team helped us to analyze our IT operations, including infrastructure, security support, and processes.With the benefit of this analysis along with ongoing virtual CIO (vCIO)services from powersolution, we implemented an IT infrastructure that evolves as our business changes over time. We are focused on increasing productivity by always aligning our IT with the changing requirements of the business, along with an ongoing need to maintain a high level of IT security. In 2023, powersolution continues to be our valued partner – providing an exceptional level of high-quality IT security and support.
Rick Kaden
The entire team at have been great. They are always prompt, patient and courteous when dealing with our issues and questions. We are in retail and have had a few instances when our POS system has crashed. They quickly responded and got us up and working while our customers waited! We can’t ask for better service than that. I would recommend them to any business looking for great IT support and services.

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Avert Data Loss with Local Cybersecurity Consulting Services in NJ

Intelligent backups and cloud-based disaster recovery solutions are the future. When disaster strikes, you can trust in to ready copies of vital data and restore mission-critical operations smoothly and fast.

  • Multi-level control measures: Preventive, detective, and corrective measures are intertwined with your disaster recovery plan. We refer back to these measures when getting your systems back online immediately after disaster.
  • Modernized backup solutions: Relic tapes and flash disks are no longer enough to keep up with the needs of your organization. turns to cloud-enabled backups for quick and easy.

Enforcing Compliant Business Practices for Highly Regulated Sectors

Operating in finance, healthcare, or defense? Data protection and privacy are paramount to compliance with these regulatory standards:

  • HIPAA/HITECH – For healthcare vendors
  • FCRP – For legal firms
  • NIST – For all industries
  • PCI-DSS, SOX, and GLBA for financial sector companies

Non-compliance can lead to heavy penalties, reputational damage, and customer churn. Your local cyber security consultant in NJ can help break down the jargon and develop an IT strategy that keeps your business in compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cybersecurity Consulting Services in New Jersey offers a broad scope of managed cybersecurity consulting services, from network traffic analysis, secure firewall and antivirus implementation, and traffic filtering to harmful content blocking. Overall, your IT infrastructure is watched over by a team of cybersecurity experts throughout the partnership.

Our proactive IT consulting aligns your cybersecurity strategy with your long-term goals. This includes minimizing your business’s cyber attack surface and the financial and reputational risk that comes with unprotected systems. In the event of a security breach, our cybersecurity consultants can help you save face by restoring mission-critical activities fast and efficiently.

Our process is quite straightforward; we start with a discovery of your IT goals through a comprehensive assessment. A project manager is appointed to your specific project at this stage. Next comes the hardware installation stage and an upgrade of legacy systems that no longer support your goals. Lastly, we implement data management solutions that enable us to watch over your business and resolve issues proactively.

Absolutely! evaluates your IT strategy and data management practices for compliance with GDPR and CCPA, among other compliance regulations that apply in New Jersey.

Unlike average cyber security consulting companies in NJ, takes on a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, or Secure Global Network (SGN) if you will. This service covers every aspect of your IT infrastructure’s security, from the protection of your in-house team logins, and cloud security, to office interconnectivity. That way our partners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a fully managed business IT environment.