Recently, one of’s clients, we’ll call them “Acme Co.”, called in with a request. They needed all emails sent from two users to a specific client. The two employee’s, who had already been terminated, cost Acme Co. a very large contract.

Find Lost Email in ArchiveAcme Co. wanted to pursue legal action against these employees. The client first looked through the ex-employee’s mailbox but could not find any email records. It was assumed that the employee’s deleted these emails prior to their termination. Thankfully Acme Co. was using an email archival system provided by The email archival system automatically saved a record of every incoming and outgoing email. was able to pull all sent and received emails within the clients parameters and provided them to Acme Co. in PDF format. Acme Co. was able to forward the retrieved correspondence to their legal firm. Currently a case is being built against the ex-employee’s.

Legal Requirements of Email Archival

In many industries utilizing an email archival system is necessary and mandated by law. For example, in the financial industry the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) requires firms to

  • maintain written, enforceable retention policies;
  • maintain searchable indexes of all data stored;
  • provide viewable and readily retrievable data;
  • securely manage data offsite in tamper-proof storage media.

The only way to do this in regards to email communication is to utilize an email archival system.

“But I Backup my Data!”

Although a good step, a backup is not the same as email archival. Many, if not all, archival systems will index and make the emails searchable. That means retrieving email messages based upon search criteria, such as email fields – to, from, subject, etc, or by date, or presence of attachments, etc. This was especially helpful in Acme Co.’s case as they only needed a subset of the emails sent and received by the two users.

The Takeaway

In this case, Acme Co. took the right approach by using an email archival solution. They knew they wanted extra protection and it paid off. They can now build a case and hopefully get some financial restitution. Using an email archival service can:

  • Allow for digital discover, especially if your Organization is ever involved in a lawsuit
  • Improve your inbox maintenance process – no need to manually archive emails
  • Searching your mailbox faster and easier
  • Store more emails without hitting your mailbox storage limit

Ultimately play it safe. Email archival allows your organization to help you protect your intellectual assets, and provide documentation of who said what, when, and protect yourself during legal matters. Email Archiving allows you to easily archive and find crucial email data when you need it.


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