It’s been a year since Google killed Google Desktop. To add another one to long list of those that bite the dust, it has been announced that  iGoogle will be retired.

iGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Homepage), a service of Google, (still)  is a customizable Ajax-based startpage or personal web portal (like My Yahoo! or Windows Live Personalized Experience). Google originally launched the service in May 2005, featuring the capability to add web feeds to personalized space. Mobile version is no more, and desktop version will be gone  on November 1, 2013.  Late last year Google has made a shift  to Google+ as primary social interaction channel, so ability to interact socially on iGoogle was disabled on 15 January 2012. For now, non-social applications are staying, presumably, for the duration of the iGoogle’s life, what’s left of it.

A lot has happened in the world of web and mobile apps –  personalized, real-time information is coming at us from every angle.  Apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android make  iGoogle obsolete due to “the unforeseen evolution of web and mobile apps and the erosion of the need for the site.”

If you have any personal data that is part of your iGoogle, you may want to export it.

How to Export your iGoogle data

If gadgets on your list belong to a third-party developer, you may need to contact the gadget creator for advice on exporting your data properly.  All of your personal data stored in other Google products (such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs (now Google Drive), Google Bookmarks, Google Finance, and Google Taskswill) are expected to still be available directly through those products. Other gadgets (such as To-Do list) allow you to export your data: look for the “Download All” option under the drop-down menu for the title of your list.

If you have any questions – use Google for answers 🙂 or reach out to me. I am always interested in topics for a research.

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