Fixes recently implemented for some of Chrome’s security vulnerabilities

As you may have heard/read by now, Chrome fixed 20 security vulnerabilities for it’s 20.0 version. 20/20, if you will. But wait! Aren’t you  amazed (I know I am) that one-digit decimal is no longer heard of when it comes to new releases of software. As consumers, we are used to things that can be described with just one word, two words max after “point” – like web-two-O, as in Web 2.0… but reading about Chrome 20 fixes announcement, it dawned on me, how far in we are now…. Chrome 20.0.1123.43 – it is not just version 20 anymore. Just as its other software brothers and sisters, it had branched out into patched/fixed/re-release version of a version of a version-ed version. … and I hope Google does not penalize this page for overusing the word version.

Moving along. According to Google, none of those security vulnerabilities were critical – but had to be addressed anyway.

Here is the list of what was addressed from the CVE-2012 family of vulnerabilities, in order of importance:


2764: Unqualified load of metro DLL
2815: Leak of iframe fragment id
2827: Use-after-free in Mac UI


2820: Out-of-bounds read in SVG filter handling
2821: Auto-fill display problem
2822: Misc. lower severity OOB read issues in PDF
2825: Wild read in XSL handling
2826: Out-of-bounds read in texture conversion


2807: Integer overflows in libxml
2816: Prevent sand boxed processes interfering with each other
2817: Use-after-free in table section handling
2818: Use-after-free in counter layout
2819: Crash in texture handling
2823: Use-after-free in SVG resource handling
2824: Use-after-free in SVG painting
2828: Integer overflows in PDF
2829: Use-after-free in first-letter handling
2830: Wild pointer in array value setting
2831: Use-after-free in SVG reference handling
2832: Uninitialized pointer in PDF image codec
2833: Buffer overflow in PDF JS API
2834: Integer overflow in Matroska container (did you know “Matroska” means “Sailor’s cap” in Russian?)


Chrome 20 (20.0.1132.43) is a welcome addition to the Stable Channel for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame.

For the changes to take place, you need to restart your Chrome browser, or choose update from your browser’s menu.


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