A while ago Google made changes to its Chrome browser, forcing a sign-in to the Chrome itself, by default, once a user engaged with any Google service, such as Youtube or Gmail. As a result, it was possible that users may have assumed that once they’d signed out of Chrome their data was no longer accessible, however, it was not the case: Google’s satellite services kept users’ logged in, and this could have potentially exposed their private data, like passwords saved within the browser, throughout Google accounts.

After a storm of criticism, Google decided to revert the auto-login feature.

Nonetheless, critics stated that the update was executed below par. Initially logged users into Chrome without their consent (later on data sharing was enabled consensually upon login), might confuse folks into unwittingly sharing extra information with Google than they meant to, and made Chrome a less impartial platform to surf the online.

Based on users’ feedback, Google addressed some of these considerations.  Within the subsequent release of Chrome, it is going to modify the sign-in process so that it’s going to let users log right into a Google service without having to log into the Chrome browser itself. Customers can disable the automated sign-in of their Privacy and Security settings:

The next version of Google Chrome is scheduled for release in mid-October of 2018.

At this time it seems that Chrome’s interface does not clarify whether or not a user’s browser is sending their information back to Google or not. Google In the next release, Google plans to update the interface to make users aware and ask individual permission from each user when syncing Google-driven services and Browser with their Google account. If a person is signed into Chrome, it tracks data just like the URLs of the websites they browse, and customers can choose how that information is linked to their overall Google account.


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