Growing Concern over Tech Security Threats Exploiting Social Media

As I was reading some tech-related news this morning, I came across several articles related to social media and security issues, including monitoring and hacking. As it happens, I also just came back from a fantastic Inbound Marketing event held by HubSpot, where social media was given as much highlight as you can imagine when it comes to inbound marketing. And it all cross-wires into businesses communicating with their clients, attracting new customers, conducting business on the internet, and security of local computer networks – desktops, mobile devices and servers alike.

As all things social media grow exponentially, so should our awareness of potential security threats.

On that note, here is my 5 useful references and articles on the subject of computer security threats within social media

  1. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal page was hacked to make a point about security flaw. “First, sorry for breaking your privacy and post(ing) to your wall,” wrote Khalil Shreateh. “I (have) no other choice to make after all the reports I sent to (the) Facebook team.” (CNN)
  2. A Trojan horse virus dubbed Zeus is being used by hackers to create ‘like’ company or individual’s social network updates in order to generate hype.  Likes are being sold in batches of a thousand on internet hacker forums. (CBR)
  3. US military reportedly tracks Twitter data to identify terror outfits.  Majorly used in this experiment was a vital tool named ‘Social Bubble’, which was a customized app for Special Operations to search and analyze Twitter data.(CBR)
  4. Online security: what’s in a login? SMS-based two-step authentication is providing a much-needed security layer for companies keen to ensure web legitimacy (The Guardian)
  5. The AP Twitter hack: Wall Street’s tweet-scraping technology that made 145-point plummet for Dow. (THE WEEK)

As more and more businesses turn to social media, it is important to be vigilant about security and privacy – not just for your person, but for your entire organization. Make sure you have the Internet Use Policy in place for all of your employees.


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