A hacker claims to have breached the backend servers belonging to a US cyber-security firm and stolen information from the company’s “data leak detection” service.

The hacker says the stolen data includes more than 8,200 databases containing the information of billions of users that leaked from other companies during past security breaches.

The databases have been collected inside DataViper, a data leak monitoring service managed by Vinny Troia, the security researcher behind Night Lion Security, a US-based cyber-security firm.

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powersolution.com urges everyone to be vigilant about your password safety. Not only your online passwords may now be in the hands of cybercriminals, and be a matter of public record, they may still be vulnerable even if not part of this hack.


If you think your password is much harder to crack, consider this: the hack success during the Arc Technica experiment averaged a 71% rate, and the hacker who cracked 90% of hashed passwords did so in less than an hour using a computer cluster. The hackers also managed to crack 16-character passwords including  “DG091101%“, “Qbesancon321“,”qeadzcwrsfxv1331“, and “Philippians4:6-7″.

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4 rules to follow to stay off of the hacked passwords list

Remember, modern hackers have sophisticated password hacking software that can run non-stop. Minimize the risk of having easily hacked weak passwords:

  1. Use strong passwords. You know – a combination of letters, numbers, characters and changed cases. But take it a step further – do not just convert a word like password into such combination such as Pa$$w0rd. Anything that is in the dictionary, with any possible number-letter swap variation can be hacked.
  2. Do not reuse passwords. When it is time to update the password, just do it. A need to regularly update the existing password is a healthy IT security protocol to abide by.
  3. Do not use a single “master” password for every account you have. If one gets hacked, it is only a matter of time before the others do, too.
  4. Change your passwords often.

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