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New Ransomware Attackers Appear

A new version of the LockBit ransomware offering recently appeared and is experiencing rapid growth.  This growth is occurring to a great extent due to the July 2021 disappearance of REvil (“Ransomware Evil”), a private ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) known for its major attacks on JBS and Kaseya, impacting the operations of over 1,500 companies. LockBit is

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Fraudulent Email Requests to Call a Number to Cancel a Subscription

Powersolution is receiving reports of the persistence of BazaCall (BasarCall) malware attacks, which were initially documented in early 2021.   If you receive a fraudulent or suspicious email such as this, Do Not Respond. Here is how this fraudulent email works: Attackers use email to prompt victims to call a fraudulent call center to cancel a

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Fraudulent Windows Defender Updates

Threat actors are using browser push notifications to convince users into installing fraudulent Windows Defender updates. A popup will appear in the tray to notify the user of the update. If clicked, the user will be directed to a fraudulent update website that prompts users to download and run a signed ms-appinstaller (MSIX) package purporting

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Phishing Campaign Bypasses Existing Email Security

Abnormal Security, an email security vendor, has published a report on a new phishing campaign discovered that uses a compromised account, a trusted email security system (such as Zix, is an email security vendor with a primary focus on email encryption solutions), and multiple redirect links. The email is crafted to create a sense of

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Business services are the primary target for latest phishing malware

Researchers have found three new malware families, Doubledrag, Doubledrop, and Doubleback detected in December 2020 and tracked as UNC2529. These malware strains used in an ongoing phishing campaign throughout the financial industry are being tracked as UNC2529. Organizations in the US, EMEA region, Asia, and Australia have been targeted by the sophisticated cybercriminals Key Elements

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