How do small businesses use IT solutions today

Businesses are using IT solutions in various ways, and many undergo a process of transition to managed services. Access to highly skilled IT personnel is a significant factor in the business world today. CompTIA studied the current state of IT trends in its 4th Annual Trends in Managed Services survey.

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The vast majority of ways organizations are utilizing IT services are part of the standard Managed Services Offerings:

  • 70% Repair/Troubleshoot
  • 51% General consulting around IT
  • 48% Deployment/installation/integration of IT
  • 47% Cyber Security related
  • 47% Web design
  • 45% Cloud computing initiative
  • 38% Management of an IT function
  • 33% Telecom-related activity
  • 27% Mobile application development

Analyzing the data makes one realize that a staggering 70% of 2015 respondents are relying on IT services for repair and troubleshooting. While typical Managed Services plan minimizes a need for repairs and troubleshooting by offering proactive maintenance and support, a typical reactive break/fix solution majorly consists of the repairs and troubleshooting. And that is one of the major factors of Managed Services being different from “traditional tech support”?

How can our IT consulting services improve your bottom line?

Experienced IT consultants know the best ways to meet your business goals. IT consultants can advise you on technology-related decisions to help you choose the most efficient solution for your needs. Just by nature of the IT business, consulting firms are up to speed on the latest trends and developments in technology. Professional IT company’s proven success will save you time and money.

The evolution of managed services brings the shift not only away from break/fix, but also toward specific industries. For example, some managed services providers focus on healthcare, legal services, or manufacturing, accounting, and finance, retail, etc. Such focus allows for better fit to the specific needs of clients in specific vertical space.

Need reliable, professional tech support?

Employing a part-time or a full-time IT employee may seem to be a good idea, – and sometimes it is if you are also willing to about training, benefits, salary and other concerns that come with hiring an in-house IT staff. Today, growing companies are hiring a Managed Services provider to get more support for business computer network needs, than one person ever can. Hiring an MSP allows you to get access to a full team of IT members with diverse professional backgrounds, bringing you better, faster, more qualified, and cost-effective support.

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