How to radically minimize the risk of corporate theft in your organization

The cybersecurity experts warn – don’t become ignorant or lax about security, thinking that a disastrous cyber breach can’t happen to your business. This is an enormous mistake – and something the criminals count on – that we’re an easy target, whether as unwitting individuals or an entire corporate culture in denial.

Minimizing the Risk of Corporate Theft

Unfortunately, a vast majority of cyber theft incidents – about 90% –  is an internal job. It’s important to assume all your messages are being read, and no email is safe from some kind of cyber exfiltration, even when using VPNs  – which are strongly recommended since the infiltration of the computer via an unsecured wireless network is more likely.

You may have heard of the many scams where bills were intercepted and bank account info was changed and funds were wired to the fraudulent account. The cyberscam threat is real, constant, and potentially costly to a disastrous degree, so you must minimize the risks:

  • Your financial transactions should be reviewed by CEOs to approve the transactions.
  • Make sure no sensitive info is sent via email – account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. – make a phone call instead. With all high-tech hardware, picking up the phone is still a safer option.
  • Make sure all bank wire info included on invoices is verified by phone with the supplier you’re paying for dual authentication approval, and only then pay that vendor via that account.
  • If a vendor sends a change of bank info, confirm via a phone call to the vendor, using their verified phone number.
  • build your security protocols with this in mind as well: no less than two designated people must verify everything.

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