Business continuity recovery plans can help businesses realize the following benefits:

  • Ensure the highest level of data security
  • Enhance business resiliency and maintain reputability
  • Achieve maximum availability of mission-critical data
  • Maintain continuity of business operations even in the harshest scenarios
  • Have processes in place to minimize recovery time after a disaster

Considering all these advantages, safeguarding business assets with business continuity planning is critical for every organization. Companies need to rethink their IT infrastructure and deploy reliable solutions that utilize industry-leading Disaster Recovery (DR) technologies.

Best Practices of Business Continuity Planning

  1. Proactive IT risk management through a set of procedures regulating risk mitigation, response, recovery, and restoration.
  2. Establishing a seamless and effective business continuity process
  3. Assessing risk sensitivity to meet any specific compliance requirements
  4. Consistent review and design of a proper recovery architecture
  5. Create adequate budgets that cover every aspect of the plan
  6. Cloud Disaster Recovery Management
  7. Defining where disaster recovery fits into your business plan
  8. Training your staff or hiring a reliable third-party provider

The interdependence of business continuity management and disaster recovery plans lies in the fact that the latter typically supports several aspects of the former.

A single Business Continuity (BC) plan can thus involve a set of disaster recovery plans, whose purpose is to document all the steps needed to protect the IT environment and ensure its quick recovery after a disastrous event.

As for the disaster recovery plan, it should include risk assessment, identifying sets of data to protect, ensuring the availability of IT teams (either in-house or externally) and deciding on the capabilities you need to allow for a rapid restoration of data within the budget. In addition to this, it should also cover analysis, migration and facility planning to ensure its maximum efficiency.


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