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Reopening the Workplace After COVID-19: Technology Considerations

Returning to your establishment doesn’t necessarily mean you will be abandoning all of your Work From Home (WFH) set-ups. In fact, for most of you, your workforce will likely consist of remote workers for some time to come. In addition, workstations in your establishment may have been sitting idle while everyone worked remotely. Your technology

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How To Implement a Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity recovery plans can help businesses realize the following benefits: Ensure the highest level of data security Enhance business resiliency and maintain reputability Achieve maximum availability of mission-critical data Maintain continuity of business operations even in the harshest scenarios Have processes in place to minimize recovery time after a disaster Considering all these advantages,

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Do You Have a Cybersecurity Program?

As a small/medium business owner or manager, it is imperative that you have an awareness of cybersecurity related-risks and implement infrastructure and processes to mitigate those risks.  According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 58% of breach victims are categorized as small businesses.  Roughly 75% of these breaches are perpetrated by outsiders, while approximately

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HIPAA compliance

A HIPAA Risk Assessment is Mandatory: How to Avoid Audit Troubles

As a professional in the healthcare field, you obviously are very familiar with HIPAA, that ever-present reminder that data security is an issue that is always running in the background behind every activity that takes place in a medical professional’s workplace––as well as almost every supporting business that works with them. Everyone who works with

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New Jersey Healthcare provider Hackensack Meridian hospital paid ransom to hackers to stop a cyberattack

The targeted ransomware event at Hackensack Meridian Health brought the computer network systems down last week, resulting in interruptions across its IT network, including Carrier Clinic in Montgomery and three sub-acute facilities. The Edison-based healthcare company said it had insurance to help cover the costs associated with cyberattacks, including payment, remediation and recovery efforts. The

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How Hackers Can Exploit Medical Information

A cybersecurity breach in any industry is a serious matter. Healthcare Professionals are some of the most vulnerable targets. Not so long ago, one of the largest batch of data containing just over 9.2 million health insurance records was offered for sale on dark web – a huge blow for PHI. How sure are you

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