Small Business IT Solutions

Small business IT solutions for a modest-size organization and larger corporations are different.  Larger corporations typically employ a fully staffed IT department with their own policies, protocols, IT solutions and management resources. In the past, small businesses were seeking tech support from the computer manufacturer or a reseller store they purchased their computer systems from. Today, most small and medium-sized organizations in need of computer support services for business receive best benefits from Managed IT Services, one of the most affordable, secure, and efficient approaches to IT solutions for small business.

As an expert in small business IT Solutions, we have been serving our clients for over 20  years, providing managed services, computer tech support, it consulting and virtual CIO services for small and medium size businesses in New Jersey and surrounding area.
  • We know that in ways businesses operate, some organizations share common traits, and it allowed us to create best practices for business computer systems support services.
  • We also know that each business has a unique culture, requirements, and challenges, and so we have a proven record of effective and efficient IT solutions to accommodate any type of small or medium-size business.

Modern demands of business contributed to the development of more complex computer networks, with a steady supply of evolving solutions designed for needs of various organizations. A complexity of modern IT solutions requires systematic, methodic, and professional support for any business, large or small. Large organizations typically have an in-house IT department, while small businesses used to relied on a “break-fix” computer service: when something breaks, a technician comes in to fix it, and does not return until something else breaks. In recent years it has been proven to be impractical. We understand that not every company can afford to hire expert computer technicians, engineers, and security experts on staff, and that is why we recommend Managed Services model as more efficient and cost-effective model of service.

Our managed IT services model delivers most efficient method of computer support

A reliable, efficient, and stable network is what every business depends on, but this achievement requires a more proactive path of regular maintenance and monitoring. Outsourcing regular IT management and Computer Network Tech Support to a professional computer support services company is a winning, proactive alternative to a reactive “break-fix” approach. Managed Services are the most efficient, streamlined and cost-effective way for improving small and medium size business operations.

Managed Services approach allows your business to have access to a virtual IT department of highly skilled computer technicians, network engineers and security experts. A team of our small business IT Solutions professionals can provide computer support for your entire business network at a fraction of a cost of a full time IT staff.

Ensure proactive support for your desktop and laptop computers, servers, printers, and other devices, network maintenance, and regular monitoring. Boost performance, improve  security and extend the life of your IT assets of your entire network through our Managed IT Services plan.

Do you need effective IT solutions for your organization?

As business demands are different, so are the solutions. Let’s make sure our company is a perfect fit for your needs.

You may want to know: we do not hand over our IT tech support to other countries or even other companies. Our IT solutions are designed and implemented by professional business development and IT engineers. On-site visits and remote computer support are performed by our own in-house computer technicians, helpdesk operators, and IT services staff.

As we develop Information Technology solutions for your business, we maintain your network, both in person and remotely.

On-site Tech Support

Quick, responsive tech support is important to any business – and having a great relationship with people we serve is important to us. Our friendly, professional computer tech support professionals visit clients regularly to manage software installations and upgrades and perform repairs on business computers when needed.

All of our IT administrators have deep knowledge of information technology and professional IT experience and are highly trained to handle any issue that your computer network may by affected by. We take pride in excelling in customer service.

Remote Tech Support

Remote tech support option allows for most responsive IT computer support and service bringing IT help to our fingertips. With our remote support option, we implement a system that allows our technicians to securely access your system, troubleshoot issues, and then either handle it while on the phone with you, it or give you the detailed instructions to follow to resolve the problem. Remote Tech support is of tremendous benefit when it comes to servicing our client’s satellite offices that may be located outside of our region.

When you choose, you can count on our professionals — not third parties — to provide service. Whether you are in your New Jersey or New York, office or anywhere across the country – or the planet, we provide professional computer support.

For small business computer network support and services call us at (201) 4931414 today.

Network Management and Monitoring Services for SMBs

Proactive network monitoring allows us to ensure your computer systems performance and to solve most of the issues proactively, without interrupting your processes and keeping your IT budget in check.

Our competitive monitoring system identifies slow or failing components, irregular performance or outages in your computer network and kick-starts the process by instantly alerting a network administrator, allowing our technicians to begin addressing the issues  immediately.

The monitoring system can also watch a network for security vulnerabilities and intrusion threats, a network monitoring system monitors the network for problems caused by overloaded and/or crashed servers, network connections or other devices.

IT Consulting

If you have concerns about your technology needs, our highly qualified IT experts can offer guidance on tech products, services and solutions most suited for your specific business, especially when planning, researching, comparing, purchasing, or implementing IT technology solutions best suited for your operations not just for today, but for the years of continuous business growth and development.


Do you need better IT support but don’t know what your realistic budget should be? Give us a call and we can draft a budget plan for your business based on your operations needs.