Interview with David Dadian, CEO of


Interview with David Dadian of
New Jersey Innovation Institute, an NJIT Corporation, July 16, 2019

Tamara Williams of New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) spoke with David Dadian, one of our Health IT Cohort members, about’s experience securing and supporting IT environments in physician practices, which many times are exposed to data losses and HIPAA violations due to a practice’s lack of understanding of the risks and/or not giving the right level of attention to IT and the necessary processes to protect data.

“We are proud of our work securing and supporting HIPAA-compliant IT environments for physician practices in New Jersey.  We greatly appreciate our long-standing associations with NJIT and the NJII Health IT Connections Program.  We look forward to further expanding our role with New Jersey physician practices and other healthcare entities, helped by our ongoing participation in NJII events.”

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