As an IT consulting and tech support company in New Jersey, saying that we are surrounded by computers all day long would be an understatement. Desktop computers, servers, laptops, routers, external hard drives, millions of cables and memory sticks – it feels like a computer shop inside our office! However, it also means we need to take extra security measures to prevent our equipment from getting stolen.

Did you know that over 1,000,000 computers are stolen in the United States yearly? Most of them are laptops.

How Do Computers Magically Disappear?

  • Most computers that get stolen every year are small, portable ones, with laptops being on top of the list. They get stolen when left unattended in train compartments, subways, parks, coffee shops, or from hotel rooms, homes, and office. Basically, anywhere a thief feels might have a decent shot at laying their hands on one.

  • Nevertheless, desktop computers are no strangers to mysterious acts of disappearance – and this surprisingly includes workplaces. But the thieves in these cases are employees who steal out of revenge, because they feel a great injustice has been done to them and they choose to give themselves a bonus in the form of a computer.

  • The main disadvantage when it comes to desktop computers comes from the fact that regular tracking methods often times fail to work because of the lack of WiFi. Also, an unplugged desktop computer is unable to send a signal, which means that recovering a stolen computer will be even more difficult.

How To Prevent Computer Theft?

  • Use webcams as good visual deterrents for thieves inside your home or office. Include visible signs warning everyone your property is that supervised by surveillance cameras.

  • These cameras will also prove to be extremely useful at showing you exactly who is lurking around and trying to plan their next theft. A network of security cameras is highly recommended for office buildings. Since regular home owners cannot usually afford to buy a whole network of cameras, they are advised to get in touch with a residential locksmith in their area. These licensed and insured professionals can help them find alternative solutions to surveillance cameras. Do a quick find locksmith near me search online and find a reliable company like the one. These guys work 24/7 and handle lockout emergencies at affordable prices; they also offer home, office, and car lock installation, repair, rekey, including transponder key reprogramming, window locks, safes, mailing box locks, duplicate key making and anything else you could think of. A sturdy deadbolt lock on your front doors and a few small-keyed locks on your windows will make a huge difference at keeping your computers safe.

  • Home owners can also use webcam servers instead of expensive security cameras.

  • Case locks for desktop computers and cable locks for laptops are additional security measures recommended by professionals. Physical locks are excellent for desktops; laptops are harder to lock in you don't have a lock mount. But desktop computers can be protected with the help of a locking system made from a solid metal cable running through a loop on the desktop as well as a loop placed on a wall, on the floor, or on a desk.

  • A good locksmith can also recommend a desktop locking kit featuring an adhesive anchor that can be used in case there is not proper anchor that can be used.

  • Locking enclosures that protect single computers or entire cabinets hosting full tower computers with monitors and printers can also be used.

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IT support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution IT industry awards
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