IT Security – extremely Important, please read

We have GREAT news. Because IT and cybersecurity are such an IMPORTANT issue, we are promoting our series of  IT cybersecurity tips articles with useful tips to show you and your employees how to and significantly improve your protection from being a victim of cybercrime.

Since we already do this for our clients and have a good number of tips prepared, we want to share them with the public. We believe that helping business owners and their employees learn about avoiding being victimized by cybercriminals. We have seen the destructive outcome the lack of IT security can cause, and trust us – you do NOT want to join the other victims and become a statistic.

These weekly blog posts will continue delivering strategies and practical tips that could save you from getting your personal or your clients’ sensitive information stolen, losing critical data, and having your computer systems down for extended periods of time causing significant financial loss, not to mention the bad PR, civil and criminal lawsuits and fines that can result from a data breach. There will be tips on protecting your bank account from being cleaned out by hackers.

In every IT Security Archive article we focus on one simple, specific action you can take to avoid a potential data breach.

We will also be releasing additional alerts if we see any new cyber threats coming to light that you need to be immediately aware of. When you see those alerts we recommend for you forward and remind all your employees to be on the lookout for that particular threat. They will describe the nature of the threat and include our recommendation on what you should be doing to protect your business data and computer network.

If you would like your employees to opt-in for these security tips and download a free report we’ve recently published on protecting yourself from cybercrime, forward the link to our IT Security Tips Archive:

If you want a more thorough approach to educating your employees about security best practices, consider adopting an acceptable use policy (AUP) for your company and train your employees on how to avoid data breaches and cyber-attacks. If you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our IT specialists right away, just call at (201) 4931414.

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