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Managed Services 30 days money back guarantee - 100%

Our Managed IT Services are backed by our 30-day guaranteeIf powersolution fails to deliver on our contractual commitments, you may cancel your contract and receive a full refund. powersolution will uninstall hardware and software, and revert configuration changes to their original state at no additional cost. We provide full details on our 100% guarantee during the consultation.

Managed IT Services is a model of proactive business tech support and network administration typically outsourced to a third party – a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Managed Services is an alternative to a “break/fix” or “on-demand” model of tech support. Managed Services are often referred to as a subscription model of service.

Unlike an issue-reactive “break-fix computer guy” or “on-demand support” scenario, Managed IT Services is a model of proactive tech support outsourced to a third party, an MSP that acts as your network administrator.

The main objective of Managed Services is to improve operations and reduce costs through the benefits of outsourcing a team of professional IT Experts without the need of employing an additional in-house IT department.

Your MSP is responsible for the security, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and tech support of your business computer network and associated solutions.

A typical Managed Service package is quoted “per seat” or “per user” for any organization, however, the dollar number varies, depending on your industry vertical, regulation requirements, or other unique business needs.Managed IT Services budget should reflect the specific needs of your business. Before arriving at the price point, we need to responsibly review your technology environment and take the time to understand what your business needs today, with strategic planning for tomorrow.We then craft a bundled solution that includes a variety of services, including software and sometimes hardware. The offering is always customized to your business IT requirements.We will provide you with a ballpark number during our initial consultation, and deliver a detailed quote after the assessment.

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  • Business Longevity: the company has been established in 1996. 
  • Security: We are highly focused on secure IT solutions.
  • Peer Recognition: powersolution is the recipient of multiple national IT industry awards. We are especially proud to be recognized as one of the Top 100 companies in Managed Security and a Top 500 Managed IT Services Provider –  four years in a row – by CRN® magazine, a brand of The Channel Company, and in MSP 250 Pioneer category.
  • Client Satisfaction: we have a 98% service satisfaction rate.
  • Highly Responsive Helpdesk: our clients enjoy a 15-minute average issue resolution time.
  • Client Retention: we have strong relationships with our clients, with 5, 10, 15, and more years on board. Some of our clients have been with powersolution since the inception of the company in 1996.

We understand the need for strategic agilitywe listen to your concerns and ongoing feedback, as well as your plan for the future of your operations. We evaluate advancements in technology to plan for capacity management and the required security and operational updates for your network.

We’ve seen many situations where SMB owners were concerned about the potential fallout of leaving their substandard IT provider. Here is what we will do:

  1. Assess your current situation, available information, and the viability of your IT assets.
  2. Assign the team to take charge of the transition.
  3. Identify the gaps and issues that could compromise your business.
  4. Identify currently available IT resources.
  5. Review the required core business applications and processes.
  6. Develop a blueprint map for your IT network and systems based on the company’s requirements today.
  7. Create a strategic IT agility plan for your company’s future growth.


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