Too many businesses are notoriously deficient in their backup plans. Many owners and executives think that a cloud backup or an external drive should be more than enough. Others rely on “we never needed a backup before, why bother now” mentality. But, it’s not just the flood and natural disasters you should be planning ahead for, or your business can be in a world of pain when your data gets lost, stolen or compromised.

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The frequency with which employee laptops and mobile devices are stolen or misplaced is hitting grand proportions. Business Data Loss from just one file on one PC can be devastating, especially if you are a covered entity under regulatory compliance that depends on having access to and protection of sensitive, personally-identifiable data.

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Proper IT planning should always consider the backup and disaster recovery.

Some SMBs establish overall IT goals, but most require a detailed IT transformation plan to adhere to. This need is dictated by specifics needs of your organization and the role of IT in day-to-day business practices. Some small business may feel satisfied with an old-fashioned break-fix approach (until it creates more problems than solutions), but most understand the need to stay competitive with technologically advanced rivals and view their IT as an engine of their business. Proper IT planning must include the backup plan, and not just for specific needs such as backing up the product database or your accounting software but taking care of the complete network environment, the cloud and beyond.  

We all know what the worst-case-scenario can be for companies and organizations who fail to plan their IT strategy and have adequate data backup and disaster recovery in place, so how can the enormous dearth of proper backup amongst so many companies be explained? Add to this the equal amount of neglect when it comes to testing the backup methods that are on hand, and you have a monumental recipe for cross-industry disaster.

45% of total unplanned downtime is caused by a hardware failure

If your business experienced any downtime this year, a hardware failure may have been the reason. Downtime has other causes as well, the most popular reportedly being a loss of power, software failure, data corruption, external security breaches, and accidental user error.

Legacy technology systems create security risks for your business; implementing modern technology can mitigate that risk. Keep in mind that backing up your data to the cloud means you can access it off-site if your office loses power.

48% of ransom attacks resulted from responses to phishing emails

Even though phishing is not new, people are still falling for phishing emails. Phishing is notoriously famous for being the main cause of ransomware infecting computers. About 36% of those are attributed to lack of organizations’ employee cybersecurity training. To protect your SMB, make sure your staff is properly trained by certified cybersecurity experts, especially on when it comes to best practices for the computer network.

100% control by one data protection solution vendor results in the lowest amount of data loss.

Surprized? One would think that having no backup solution in place the highest average loss of data, but according to the 2017 Dynamic Business Technologies research publication, this scenario resulted in  4.02 TB, taking the second place, compared to having multiple vendors. Juggling multiple data protection solution providers leaves room for confusion when it comes to backup practices and responsibilities: consider the highest average data loss of 5.47 TB, that took place in businesses who do not have a stable, single data protection solution vendor.  The lowest amount of data loss – only 0.83 TB, compared to the other scenarios, – occurred when only one data protection solution vendor was in charge of a data backup service.

20% Small percentage of businesses are confident that their current data protection solution can keep up with the speed of solid-state drives (SSDs)

However, many have chosen SSDs over hard disk drives (HDDs) because that allows them to accommodate a larger bandwidth and transfer files more quickly, Dynamic Business Technologies reported. Deploying a hybrid model and backing up your data to a drive and the cloud often means you can recover more quickly and securely.

90% of IT service providers report ransomware being an issue for SMBs

Ninety-five percent of IT service providers agree that ransomware is an issue for small businesses and about 90 percent of IT service providers have reported recent ransomware attacks on small companies. Approximately 60 percent of managed service providers (MSPs) reported 1-5 ransomware attacks and 40 percent reported more than 6.

Lack of backup testing is a major concern.

All too often SMBs fail to run proper backup testing, let alone have enough backup for the entirety of their data network – lose out big time following a data loss of some kind. For many companies, it’s a huge HIPAA fine for a compliance violation; for many others not under regulatory compliance, it’s a situation as bad as going out of business within a relatively short period of time because they lost vital data that server replication, even, could not restore. Shy of that is simply the cost of downtime while trying to retrieve or replicate a more minimal amount of lost data, which can be significant.

It likely all comes back to SMB owners not willing to accept that backup is an asset, not an expense. additionally fueled by “it is not going to happen to me” mentality. Additionally, even when backup technologies are implemented, many fail to perform disaster-scenario testing, which can make disaster planning a moot point…

Companies who fail to have a proper data backup process, including storage, encryption, and replication of their data files are literally putting their business on the line and risking their livelihood. Instead, getting an adequate, professional backup can be as easy as one phone call to an IT security expert like

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