Microsoft Logo Change – would it fail where others have succeeded?

Microsoft Storefront
Microsoft storefront

Walking in the hallways of the mall by the Sheraton hotel in Boston, where I am staying for the duration of the Hubspot Inbound 2012 event, I spotted something I have not seen before, yet something vaguely familiar. Four squares of popular colors, together. Strangely, my brain did not register it until I actually saw the store; I realized: Microsoft has a new logo.

Microsoft and media
Microsoft featuring other media

I have been behind on this development, and I am not a marketing professional, just making an observation here. I couldn’t help thinking – are they trying to copy the Genius Bar? Right around the corner, on the wall, there was a plethora of other media brands showcased under Microsoft’s new logo. To me, an average consumer, it implies that Microsoft has something to do with it…

There are plenty of opinions on Microsoft’s logo change, from praises to laughs.

Here are a few interesting articles that may be of interest to our readers.


Judging by the response to the Microsoft’s official video, “Microsoft unveils a new look” posted on Youtube, approximately 25% of viewers (as of this writing) do not like this idea.

However, according to a quick poll on Mashable (at the bottom of the article), as of 11:00 pm on August 27, the numbers show a different opinion, out of 6,707 people who have answered the following question: “What Do You Think of Microsoft’s New Logo?” The results were:


  • Nice! Clean and simple, just like Met… er, Windows 8. 35.96% (2,412 votes)
  • Lame. Colored squares? My kid could have done that. 49.17% (3,298 votes)
  • I’m on the fence. 14.87% (997 votes)

So opinions vary depending on the source.

I personally have a sneaky suspicion that after a period of time Microsoft would let go of the logotype, and leave just the symbol, once again trying to keep up with Apple in the simplicity of the logo itself, a recognizable brand that does not require reading skills…

Let’s pick this news up a year from now and see what’s going on with Microsoft then. I’ll be happy to hear your opinion in a meanwhile.

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