With introduction of Wi-Fi only tablets, personal hotspots are back in the spotlight: it’s not just about mobile phones anymore. Wi-Fi only tablets are more affordable, and do not require additional data plan from a service carrier. When you have a data plan in mind a dedicated mobile hotspot can yield better results than tethering your phone’s or tablet’s data connection.

What is a hotspot?

In a nutshell, a mobile hotspot  is a mobile broadband gadget that can be your wireless connected to the Internet just about anywhere. People are able to configure their smartphones and tablets such as iPad, Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus 7 to act as mobile hotspots as well. Tethering is the action of using your smartphone as a hotspot so that you can hook up your computer or some other device to the Internet.  Instead of tethering your tablet to your phone’s data plan, you may want to consider picking up a mobile hotspot from your local wireless carrier. These hotspots are especially practical for anybody who does a considerable amount of work on the road or even at coffee shops.  Keep in mind that the free Wi-Fi that is offered at many locations is not secure, making any data you transmit vulnerable – so it’s OK to browse internet, but keep your identity- and finance-sensitive transactions to a minimum, if at all. A mobile hotspot eliminates most security concerns since it is a closed network that, in the case of a smartphone, will only be open to one user.

What are mobile hotspots best used for.

Pretty much everyday there is something new to do with for Mobile Hotspots. They enable you to download and take advantage tablet-friendly offline apps,  such as mapping applications and games, free texting apps, preload books and magazines, make phone calls, share files between devices – wirelessly, and more.

How to find a Wi-Fi connection.

Finding a Wi-Fi connection usually isn’t very difficult. Dedicated apps such as Wi-Fi Finder require an Internet connection in order to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you’re working with a Wi-Fi-only tablet, there is no pre-requesite. Wi-Fi Analyzer and WiFi Scaner search for nearby network and their signal strength.

Because hotspot and tethering features come at a price, they aren’t best for everyone. If you use the Internet primarily from one location, it might be more practical to use standard broadband Internet, which usually permits unlimited usage.

If you are a Wi-Fi warrior… see you at Starbucks!

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