Offsite Data Storage provides unique online data backup and offsite data storage solutions that deliver digital insurance and peace of mind at an affordable price.

We offer an off-site data storage package distinctly designed to protect corporate data at a secure, remote location, by integrating data backup and internet access. The result is the next generation of Internet Vaulting technology.

Our services are customized to protect critical business data by transporting it in encrypted form to our secure offsite data vault.  Our fully redundant data center allows for restores 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By design, our solution can help companies with various compliance requirements.

Most backup solutions make restoring data a cumbersome and risky process. Manually retrieving off-site tapes, and recovering files from these tapes can be problematic for several reasons. With Internet Vault, you eliminate these issues. Our automated online backup solution guarantees that it gets done. Off-site transmission and storage provide a necessary safeguard for your data, while under the protection of industrial-strength encryption. And instant access to your data allows quick and easy recovery. In addition, your cost savings are not only realized in the lack of hardware & software costs, but also in the amount of time saved using this technology.

Key Features

Data Deduplication: Ensures that the same data is never transmitted offsite more than twice.

Delta Blocking: Only the changed blocks of a file are transmitted to complete a FULL backup every day.

Open File Management: Enables the backup of almost any file.

Encryption: Data is securely transmitted to the data vault at encryption levels exceeding standard government and banking requirements.

Compression: Decreases the size of the data being transmitted.

Benefits for your Business

We provide a solution that is easy to install, highly scalable, with easy deployment across the enterprise. Centralized control allows for simple, automated, and secure backup methods that bring faster backup and, in turn, faster recovery.

Contact our office today to find out how your organization can benefit from our data backup solutions! Call our toll-free number (855) 551-7760.

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