psRecycleIT – Computer Hardware Disposition Services

Service Offerings:

Each client’s needs are specific; powersolution, a small business Managed IT services provider in New Jersey will provide a customized solution suited to meet the specific project. Ultimately the clients’ need for operational efficiency and cost savings will be the focus.

Logistics Management:

powersolution will manage the logistic process for the client, consisting of either packing and transport or pick-up and transport of their retired Assets. We will provide an independent carrier (experienced on the transport of IT equipment) with the best possible cost effective quote to manage the process. This quotation will be presented to client (in proposal format) for approval. The carrier will invoice the client directly for all services.

Audit Process (AP):

Upon receiving the retired equipment earmarked for audit processing, we will eliminate all unwanted software located on a computer’s hard drive by removal of all software from the system via F-disk (Format). The client will receive an audit report via email within fourteen business days. This report will be accompanied with an Equipment Certificate of Indemnification which will serve as official documentation for closing out their records.

As a results of the AP, certain assets found in good working condition (i.e. CPU’s, Laptops, CRT & LCD Monitors, Laser Printers etc.) We will offer a proposed market value for this equipment. This information will allow the client a base of realization regarding expected return on investment for their working end of lifecycle technology.


There are times a client may be in possession of high end working technology that can hold some residual value in the secondary marketplace i.e. SUN, EMC, Juniper and Foundry etc. powersolution has the means to facilitate the sale of said technology in the secondary market.

Asset Capture (AC):

An alternative and more cost efficient solution offering is “Asset Capture”. When a client clearly identifies equipment as “not working or recycling only”, we will document asset information only. This process will report basic information of the asset i.e. type, manufacturer, model, serial number and asset tags (if any) of the designated equipment. The assets will have no resale or remarketing value and the client will receive a Equipment Certificate of Indemnification. The assets itself will then be designated and properly handled for disposition according to state and federal environmental laws and guidelines.

ForensicData Scrub:

A valuable and prominent security solution that falls in compliance with federal statuettes re: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act & HIPAA regarding sensitive information is “Forensic Scrubbing” of the hard drives we will perform a minimum of three (3) passes of the drive with a Department of Defense approved ( 5220.22-M compliant) patented data overwrite which is designed to completely forensically scrub and eliminate all data from the hard drive. This will only apply to any CPU’s with a processor speed of 233MHz and above.

Other IT service solutions offered:

  • Donation Processing
  • Redeployment Program
  • Lease Return Processing
  • Employee Purchase Program

We are a small and medium business Managed IT services provider in NJ.  Speak to one of our IT specialists for more detail information regarding our IT Services: call (855) 551-7760

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