Red October – Hunt continues as computer virus resurfaces

A computer virus that has been active since 2007, makes a new appearance in 2013: “Red October”, named after the Russian submarine from the Tom Clancy novel The Hunt For Red October targets eastern European countries. The name has special appeal to me – after all I have Russian roots.

On top of targeting for most part eastern Europe, former USSR Republics and countries in Central Asia, another connection to Red October is the fact that virus collects classified files using NATO and EU encryption. I am not saying it’s used for espionage, but with a name and a record like this one is left to wonder: in addition to diplomatic and governmental agencies, Red October also targeted research institutions, energy and nuclear groups, and trade and aerospace organizations.

With the primary focus on eastern Europe, targets can be found everywhere, including Western Europe and North America”. Kaspersky Lab, the maker of antivirus software indicates that there is “strong technical evidence”  suggests that masterminds behind the virus have Russian – or at least “Russian-speaking”  connection.

According to Kaspersky, Red October is in “resurrection” mode hitting in Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office programs that allowed the attackers to regain access if the virus was discovered and removed; in addition, it can also infect smartphones and collect login information to test on other systems.

Kaspersky promises a report into the malware to be published in a few days.

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