Server Virtualization Delivers Enterprise-Level Technology to Small Businesses

You work hard and already know you need to leverage the right information technology to run your business efficiently.

As many SMBs, yours has the standard applications that are common for many industries, and probably also has applications that are unique not just for your industry, but perhaps even specifically to your business. Reliable business technology that fits your industry could be very expensive and seem beyond the reach of businesses with a smaller IT budget.

But don’t worry. There is a way for SMBs to take advantage of the modern, innovative business technology that allows to build and evolve IT environments without breaking your budget: through server virtualization.

Virtual systems are created, managed, and maintained through a Web-based interface that relies on Internet Information Services (IIS) or through a client application tool. Server virtualization enables your business to have a common operating environment where you or your IT department can deploy, run, maintain, connect, and secure applications virtually, across clouds and network devices. Call us today at (201) 4931414 to iscuss your virtualization needs.

As VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization IT consultants, we know how to help you properly transition to virtualized technology and reduce your IT costs, simplify and improve your business technology, and secure your data and applications.


VMware ServerMicrosoft Virtual Server

We are a certified VMWare and Microsoft partner. Server virtualization from either VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V delivers many great benefits.

  • Reduce IT costs: server virtualization allows for drastic reduction of your IT costs. When physical servers are consolidated into a virtual model, you no longer need to keep to spend money on server hardware and it’s maintenance. The result: lower overall IT expenses.
  • Simplify and improve business technology: when you choose virtualization, you eliminate the complexities of network servers taking up space in your facility, by consolidating your servers into a virtual environment either in your workplace or in the cloud with ease.
  • Protect, secure and backup data and applications: take advantage of immediate, easy-to-deploy virtual backup.  Even when your business is facing a natural disaster, you can access all your business data and applications and protect your business operations.

What is the best server virtualization platform for your SMB?

There are many options for virtualized systems, but  VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V remain to be most popular choices for SMBs in the IT industry today.  To help you choose the one that fits your needs the most, we recommend booking a no risk, no obligation review with our team of server virtualization experts today, so you can learn exactly how a virtualized system can cut your costs and improve your productivity. If you need assistance with server virtualization, or other IT needs for your organization, we can help., your local server virtualization experts are ready to take care of your business IT. Call us at (201) 4931414 to speak to our IT consultant.

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