When looking for a vulnerability, cybercriminals will go after SMBs and organizations that lack security. An average hacker does not want to pursue the big corporations that have layers of security in place — they want the easy targets. Many SMBs fall victims to cybercrime because they either have “It will never happen to me” mentality, or they are genuinely unaware of the security gaps that exist in their business computer network. If you don’t have the proper security solutions in place, your small business is an easy target.

Take steps to ensure the following solutions are in place to protect your data and your business, securing your business continuity.

1. Upgrade your platform!

If your computer network is built on an outdated platform, your business is vulnerable. many business owners neglect their network due to their busy schedules, and some are running a truly outdated software and firmware. If you are still using an outdated version of OS, your data and business are at risk and you must update it ASAP.

Outdated platforms are constantly at risk of :

  • Malware – spyware, viruses and trojans, ransomware, etc.
  • Business disruptions – downtime, loss of productivity, decreased employee morale.

Current OS Platform Statistics (source: https://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp)

2017Win10Win8Win7VistaWinXPLinuxMacChrome OSMobile

2. Use Strong Password Management

Password Management keeps intruders from gaining access to your confidential data. A Password Management solution ensures you use a different, strong password for every site you use. You can even use it with your mobile devices. Follow these 3 rules for maintaining good password practice.

  • Use strong passwords. Hackers do not “guess” your credentials, they use sophisticated programs to crack the code, and the more complex your password is, the harder it would be to steal it. A combination of letters, numbers, characters and changed cases makes it harder for hackers to get in. But take it a step further – do not just convert a word like password into such combination such as Pa$$w0rd. Anything that is in the dictionary, with any possible number-letter swap variation can be hacked easily.
  • Do not reuse passwords. When it is time to update the password, just do it. A need to regularly update the existing password is a healthy IT security protocol to abide by.
  • Do not use a single “master” password for every account you have. If one gets hacked, it is only a matter of time before the others do, too.

3. Implement and Maintain Security Patches.

patch is a piece of software designed to update a specific computer program or its supporting data and operating system, to fix a security vulnerability, correct a “bug”, or improve performance. When software manufacturers detect security issues, they develop a fix and send notifications to the software users. If users do not or cannot install these patches immediately, they are at risk of a security breach. Our tech support specialists and engineers here at powersolution.com can do this remotely. All of our client’s patches are installed immediately, plugging any holes the cybercriminals can get through.

4. Implement and Maintain Anti-Virus and Firewalls

To keep the cybercriminals out of your system in the first place, you need an anti-virus and firewall solution that is monitored and managed. Off-the-shelf anti-virus solutions are no longer adequate to prevent today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. Even companies like Symantec have admitted this. For this reason, you need a layered approach to protect your data and technology. powersolution.com has a solid, effective Managed Anti-Virus and Firewall solutions.

5. Setup Offsite Backups for Your Data

By backing up all of your content automatically, regularly, and to an offsite location, no matter what disaster occurs, such as a ransomware attack where your data is held hostage or a natural disaster like a storm that floods your office, your data will always be secure and retrievable. powersoluiton.com can back up your data remotely and store it in our high-security data centers

6. Protect Your Mobile Devices

Cybercriminals can also access the data on your mobile devices, including your smartphones, unless they are properly secured.  According to a  Dimensional Enterprise: Mobile Security Survey Research for Check Point Software,

  • 20% of respondents said their mobile devices have been breached
  • 25% of those affected didn’t even know whether they’ve experienced an attack
  • 94% of respondents expected the frequency of mobile attacks to increase
  • 79%acknowledged that it’s becoming more difficult to secure mobile devices

powersolution.com recommends a mandatory security software be installed on every mobile device – company owned as well as BYOD devices your employees use for business. You should also consider mobile behavior awareness and training for your workforce.

7. Secure Your WiFi Network

It’s amazing how many small businesses still use unprotected Wi-Fi networks. This is like opening your door, your files, and your bank account to intruders. The security protocol used to protect the vast majority of wifi connections has been broken, potentially exposing wireless internet traffic to malicious intruders and attacks. We cannot underestimate the importance of being informed of vulnerabilities and applying patches to your WiFi network, just as you would your metal-and-wire one.

8. Secure Your Cloud

Your cloud and virtual environments must also be monitored and kept secure from intruders. Using the cloud and virtualization is a great idea for your small business because they increase your efficiencies and productivity. However, they also come with risks. You must speak to a professional Cloud IT specialists who can guide you through the options and help you choose most efficient, and most secure solutions for your business Cloud needs.


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IT support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution IT industry awards
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