According to GoDaddy’s official tweet from approximately 10:30 am this morning according, some services were interrupted. Here is the official message we got

10:30 am “We’re aware of an issue with email impacting some customers. We are working to resolve ASAP. Thank you for your patience.”

There was no official response from GoDaddy team as to the reason of this service interruption. Any further inquiries resulted only in a standard support answer, “Our Teams are working diligently to restore normal email service at this time.”

While GoDaddy did not have a special announcement page dedicated just to this issue when their home page came back after an outage, as they did last month when alleged Anonymous hacking took place,  an hour later this tweet has been posted:

11:30 am  “Thank you everyone for your patience. At this time email service has been restored and Friday can continue on as normal. “

GoDaddy offers no explanation for the reason of this issue at this time, as it is still being investigated.  Some of the users on the GoDaddy forms were still experiencing some issues, but we believe those to be unrelated to the service interruption and were experienced, most likely, due to user configuration errors.

Official statement from the GoDaddy’s System Alerts page about Email outage disclaims the following:

Webmail October 19, 2012 at 5:11 AM

For approximately three hours, customers were unable to log in to Web-Based Email and the Hosting Control Panel. Your email should be operating normally now, and no messages were lost during the disruption. Service has been fully restored and we are investigating the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Resolved October 19, 2012 at 8:17 AM

It is interesting to see the approximately 4 hour difference in hours posted on the website and on Twitter, which begs the question – what if these are two separate issues, and first one was resolved in the morning, second in later morning? If something happened twice a day is that a hack or an unfortunate coincidence? Maybe GoDaddy announcement board is configured to use a blank GMT time and then the reason for the time difference can be explained by the configuration and formatting… (This could be a good topic for the next blog article.)

We will keep an eye on this issue and keep you informed. As soon as we know anything, I will update this post.

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