Sometimes What Happens in Vegas, Should Not Stay in Vegas.

The GFI-Vegas story. This is perhaps the one time when, what happens in Vegas should not stay in Vegas. To the attendees I would say, it would be in your best interest to take most of  it with you, review and then begin implementing the pieces that make the best sense for your organization.

Chip The Ring Master

Ring Announcer Chip “The Ring Master” Bieler, opened the main event with a rousing introduction of the contributors.

Alistair Forbes aka “The Doctor” came out swinging and worked the ring to set up Larry “2112” Walsh.  “2112” stepped into the ring and had the crowd immediately thinking, throwing jabs he surgically laid out the vision for the Managed Services Imperative. This set the crowd up nicely for the coming rounds of information that was imparted by many wonderfully skilled participants, some laid the information out with strategic punches, others hard hooks and upper cuts. For me the knockout punch was delivered by Ian Trump of Octopi Managed Services.  Ian’s Managed Security round had the crowd engaged and waiting for the next punch “line”.

With all the sparring going on “The Doctor” made sure Healthcare was addressed.  Art “HSN” Gross, no pun intended “artfully” worked his round in the ring and attended to the business of providing HIPAA Secure Now information.

As a side note, the ring girls part of  “The Doctor’s” entourage from Scotland, where extremely pleasant and helpful in keeping the bout moving along. Great job ladies!

The main takeaway for all attendees should be to remember and implement  Larry “2112” Walsh’s  strategic guidance, “to hit the ground running, everyday!”  Other notable takeaways , the great new friendships made, the great old friends you spent time with and then there was  Randolph ” The Preacher”  Carnegie’s wisdom to tag our community as ” The Fraternal Order of  GFI MAX.”

I’d like to think our “Fraternal Order” is  a combination of  The Knight Templar and The Illuminati.


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