With the predicted storm Sandy approaching our area, is your business prepared for a disaster?

First, we would like to first make sure you do all you can to be safe.

When preparing your business for the impending natural disaster,  it is important to take precautions when it comes to your business, too. Many people take care of their immediate needs, but businesses are not always prepared adequately.

Special Note to our powersolution.com clients:

Prior to leaving your office please power off all workstations.  Please leave your server(s) running as we will be monitoring these and in the event of a power outage many if not all will gracefully shut down.

We will be reaching out to you all in the event that the storm does the expected damage and you can contact us as well we will make our best effort under whatever circumstances to have you back up and running as soon as possible. Let’s hope for the best and that mother nature goes easy on us.


“But I am Not Your Client! Now What?”

If you have an IT solutions provider, please contact them for disaster preparedness and recovery protocol. If you do not have a solution provider you can rely on,  consider finding one going forward. In the meanwhile,  what can be done immediately as you prepare with regards to your computer systems.

Practical Computer Tips:

  1. disaster and business continuity
    Is your business located in a Flood-prone area?

    We are recommending that prior to leaving your office power off all your desktop/notebook PCs.

  2. If you are in a flood-prone area please move your systems from the floor and place them on your desk or higher, if possible.
  3. Please, advise your colleagues to do the same.

We recommend you also ensure that your office is prepared for disaster. Walk through your office; if any of your colleagues are not present at the time, take care of their workstations in the same way you care for yours, as we recommended in 3-steps above.

Of course, preparedness is not about just a quick moving of the workstations to the higher grounds. There are other things that should have already been done ahead of time. Is your business prepared for a disaster? Earlier we published a 3-part article that we recommend reading to help you make a plan for the future disaster preparedness and recovery protocol.

Part 1. To prepare for a disaster: What if you were to come into your office one morning and found that your server was off? You think to yourself: what happens now, what happened to all of my data? Is it safe? How to back it up?

Part 2. To prepare for a disaster: What are the pros and cons of 3 primary data backup methods? These methods are tape/media, cloud, and disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC).  First, we look at the pros and cons, and then we will look at the potential downtime that may be experienced with each method.

Part 3. To prepare for a disaster, Learn how to choose the correct backup method for your organization, what data to backup, test your backup, as well as how to build a business continuity plan.

If you have any questions or need help, please, let us know either by calling at (201) 4931414, or email me directly at [email protected]

Stay safe!


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