Federal Office data has been breached at OPM

There was a disturbing news brought to light by various sources of Associated Press, including New Jersey’s The Record. It is reported that according to the Homeland Security, Office of Personnel Management and Interior Department data had been cyber-attacked by hackers working for the Chinese state. Link: The Record (Bergen County)  –  “Hackers strike federal

The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank website Hacked

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ widely used data and research website was hacked late last month.  According to the St. Louis Fed, the regional central bank’s internal systems were not compromised. The regional central bank issued a statement. It mentions: “On April 24, 2015, computer hackers manipulated routing settings at a domain name

Anthem Insurance hack puts up to 80 million records of personally identifiable information at risk

In a historic data breach hackers have stolen information on tens of millions records of the insurance company Anthem Inc.. The information hacked from Anthem, Inc. includes patient’s birthdays, medical IDs, social security numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses. Even employment information, and, possibly, individual’s income data was stolen. While Anthem puts accent on the statement

SpyEye – the Smiling Hacker – is extradited to US to face charges

The US Justice Department said Hamza Bendelladj, 24, who was known by his alias “Bx1,” an Algerian sought in connection with the computer malware designed to compromise personal identity and financial information, such as online banking credentials, credit card details, usernames, passwords and other personally identifiable information, would face charges in federal court in Atlanta,

Microsoft to add to the list of recently hacked

Another one bites the dust. You may have heard a lot of famous IT brands that have been hacked recently, and now the world’s largest software company, Microsoft, is one of them. Microsoft has officially confirmed they have been hit by a recent computer hacking attack, however in a blog posting Friday, Microsoft said it

Anonymous Hackers target websites

According to CNN  several websites affiliated with the CIA, Mexico’s mining ministry and the state of Alabama were brought down last Friday. These incidents are allegedly done by hackers, government officials and a well-known hacking group reported. A message Friday on a group Anonymous media pages, including Tumblr and Twitter celebrated that the CIA’s website

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