For Small Businesses in New Jersey disaster preparedness is vital

As part of its year-long project, “The State of Small Business,” Business News Daily talked to New Jersey’s small businesses, who represent half of New Jersey’s private-sector employment, about the challenges and opportunities of doing business in our state of New Jersey. Running a small business in the most tightly populated state in the US comes with many promising opportunities and some challenges.

Natural disasters often come to mind in New Jersey. There are many things businesses can do to prepare for a disaster, to protect their employees, their organization, and their business data.

Business Continuity, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services in New Jersey

Our team here at provides small and medium-sized businesses with Intelligent Business Continuity services, delivering Data Backup Disaster Recovery solutions that give you the accessibility, security, and affordability you need to ensure your network and data is protected and your organization is ready to face anything – from small accidents to a natural disaster.

We help you define your specific data backup and business continuity needs, provide a most efficient solution, take measures to keep the malicious users out of your business computer network, and also use control over your users who exhibit risky computer behavior within your organization.

You can start with our Computer Network Security Assessment service to help you get a real handle on where your network is today, and how to get

it to the next level.

Additional resources for disaster preparedness from SBA:

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