Why Enterprise Level Email Solution is Extremely Important

A common misconception in the world of small business is that all email accounts are equal, as long as you have the ability to contact your clients and send and receive correspondence, everything else doesn’t matter… Why pay for something like enterprise email when you can sign up for a seemingly unlimited number of cheap or free email accounts from big name providers like or Gmail?

Let’s talk about why this line of thinking is simply wrong. For many, not making even a small investment in a business-centric, enterprise email account can mean the difference between failure and success at a critical time of their company’s growth. Enterprise email, in general, is extremely important for any organization for a wide range of different reasons.

Enterprise Email is Attention-Grabbing… or not

Let’s talk about it. One of the most important features of enterprise email comes down to the fact that it belongs to the domain that belongs to a business, and not just some semi-anonymous entity behind the Yahoo, or Google or other public cloud email mask. It ties your contact name to your company brand.

This sends a number of important signals to both existing and potential clients right away, giving you a layer of legitimacy that is so needed when you are trying to approach a potential client.   It lets people know that you’re a real business and that you are a contact worth communicating with.

Enterprise Email Builds Trust

Free email providers are hacked all too easily and if someone with malicious intentions hijacks your account to send SPAM to your contacts list, you can seriously compromise the trust you’ve built with people in your contact list.

Enterprise email, on the other hand, not only typically has SPAM filters but also employs advanced security protocols to keep your account safe and secure. This gives you not only protection for your account but also gives proper signals to your recipient’s servers to be more receptive toward your emails, since they know corporate emails are not likely to be sending files with viruses attached, that they won’t be receiving huge amounts of SPAM from your company and more. So, more of your emails will get into your prospects inbox, instead of being redirected into the abyss of the junk mail.

Enterprise Email is About Growth

An enterprise email provider will give you features you want and need to run your business, and give your team the tools to get their job done. You can get access to the types of features you need to gain insight into how your employees are communicating with one another and with the outside world. Enterprise level email solution can make it easier for you to help your staff respond to your clients in the most efficient way possible. They’ll make the process of adding new custom email accounts as your company continues to grow effortless.

When you make the decision to invest in enterprise email, what you’re really investing in is the growth of your customer and your company.

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