expertFrom time to time our clients wonder why we do not do marketing. Some even said it is unusual to see a company that  provides web development with some design services, and email hosting solutions, but not marketing services. The reason is simple: because we are not marketers. We know a thing or two about marketing, since we have our own marketing plan, run campaigns, and have tools to go deep into the leads funnel and measure success of our conversion efforts. That does not, however, make us marketing professionals. Over the years through trials, errors and triumphs we’ve come up with the strategy and found tools that work for us – and suit our specific business ecology. In addition, we’ve been developing web applications, and as a result became proficient in many assets of web design, SEO, GUI development, usability aspects, and more. Does it make us experts? Perhaps. Does it make us experts to a degree where we would want to position ourselves as marketing or design professionals? Perhaps not.

We the people always want to do better for ourselves and in business, and there have always been “waves” of specific solutions to address the needs of certain times. People’s mass interests are cyclic: ten years ago I felt as if everyone new I met was a “business coach” or part of some “strategic group”. Now, everyone I meet is in “marketing”.  In words of Dr. Emily Coleman, Everyone’s a “Marketing Consultant”. I agree: more often then not I come across people who claim to be marketing professionals, but seem to know less about marketing that what we, non-marketers, do. There is a plethora of marketing groups, social media resources and don’t get me started on spam email marketing “offers”. (I especially despise those that start with “I spent time looking at your site and noticed you do not come up in search results”. Right…. If you really did, you would notice we come up for several dozen of search terms, – and it’s just on page 1). All of those wannabes who believe that they are qualified to be in marketing, or those who deliberately take advantage of marketing being at peak of interest, do a disservice to real professional experts.

Seek Marketing Experts

I am all for marketing. I love marketing and what it does for my business, and for my clients. And I know some excellent true marketing professionals (for example, Dr. Emily R. Coleman, with over 20 years executive experience and Fortune 100 firms under her belt, and real results),  and marketing software platforms  (for example, Hubspot – an inbound marketing tool that helps attract leads and convert them into customers through use of measurable campaigns and tools that track and allow you super-size your efforts).

But what we do best is IT consulting in New Jersey, including managed services and custom web applications development: these are is our strong skills. When it comes to marketing, we seek the experts and follow great resources, and we advise our clients and prospects to do the same.

Not sure what to do next? If you are not ready to hire a marketing firm, and just want to learn more about marketing strategies from the real pros, this should give you a quick start.

  • Here is a great start on marketing blogs: 5 Blogs Every Brand Manager Should Read by Michael Baicoianu from BrandUNIQ.
  • CAM, Inc. publishes a must-read witty blog by marketing expert Dr. Emily R. Coleman, author of Messaging Integration Matrix™


I will be on the lookout for good resources; if  you have a suggestion for our list of recommended authors, please reach out to me directly by emailing to [email protected], or leave a comment to this post, below. As always – thank you!






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IT support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution IT industry awards
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