If you plan on catching up on some work from home AND you’re using a personal device such as a smartphone or personal laptop – DON’T! Unless your personal device is covered under a Managed Services plan, you could accidentally introduce a virus to the company’s network. ONLY devices that are under our vigilant watch of patching, updating and monitoring should be used to work remotely.

We can set up a way for you to work from home securely; call our office if you would like us to set that up: 201-493-1414.

Minimize Risk with Bring-Your-Own Devices (BYOD)

Laptop Working from HomeIt is understandable that small business owners would want to money by not buying devices for your employees but rather letting them use their own devices – but it also means that your IT department cannot always control security safeguards with BYOD computers, laptops, tablets, phones and other mobile gadgets. Without proper security safeguards in place, a virus, adware or malware infections can be easily introduced into your business computer network. As a result, it may cost you more than just the money saved on buying devices: you will be dealing with downtime, security threat remediation, and support.

When proper security safeguards are in place to protect them, allowing your staff to access business networks from their personal mobile devices at any time can improve productivity and bring business growth; when done right, it can also save you money in the long run. If you have not done so yet, now is the good time to invest in a reliable computer network infrastructure with safeguards, capacity and bandwidth to support your employees BYOD. Most importantly, look for solutions that offer the scalability and security features to accommodate company needs long term. It will make your life easier, and benefit your organization for many more years.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are very popular not just for small business, but also for personal home use to store data such as media files – images, music, videos. They are commonly shared by people between their various devices, often unknowingly violating copyright laws. Your IT staff cannot control use and distribution of copyrighted materials, or condition of user’s personal computer or a network at home office, leaving your systems vulnerable to viruses. Your business network may be compromised when malware gets transferred from one device to another.

Remember that all devices have their vulnerability – phones and tablets are commonly using public Wi-Fi connections and can be an easy target when proper security measures were disregarded. Laptops can make your systems vulnerable because users commonly use USB storage to share data between devices. Besides, anything mobile can be easily lost, stolen or destroyed; that would affect your sensitive data and possibly compromise your business.

Without the professional, reliable security safeguards in place to protect the BYOD devices, you can put your entire organization at risk.

Is your business using BYOD? Not sure about their security?  We can help!

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3 simple steps to prevent data loss and drastically minimize security risks when working with BYOD

  1. Create and enforce strict critical use policies.  Discourage or forbid the use of business-owned devices for personal use. It is especially important when sharing data is involved. Create a critical use policy, distribute it in writing and make your employees sign it. Don’t just stop there: enforce it with vigilance.
  2. Limit access to and use of critical sensitive business data. Analyzing important spreadsheets on your laptop while sipping mocha at a local cafe sounds great and feels productive. Hackers count on free Wi-Fi to give them an opportunity for data theft. You should not be allowing employees to walk away with your data on any device.
  3. Improve authentication methods.  There are several ways to restrict access to data. There are plenty of programs on the market to let IT admins to set controls to prevent use of certain programs unless prior authorization for accessing certain devices and applications had been set.

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IT support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution IT industry awards
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