This week’s collection of news around computer and information technology:

Our Internet privacy is at risk — but not dead (yet)

Congress is expected to modernize the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, increasing judicial oversight over law enforcement and treating data stored in the cloud the same as if it were stored on our personal computers

The week in security: Malware growth leaves Australian CIOs unprepared

CIOs may only have glimpses of the future of mobile security, but security firm Bitdefender believes one of the recurring issues will be the continued channeling of private information even from paid-for apps in the Android Play app store.

It’s been about businesses protecting their networks and individuals using the Internet safely, for instance, by choosing smart passwords.

Watchful Software to Demonstrate Award-Winning Security Technologies

he company is staffed by industry executives with decades of systems, software, networking, security, and compliance experience to address the growing need for protecting sensitive and proprietary information against accidental or malicious theft

‘BadNews’ malware found on Google Play

Oracle addresses 128 vulnerabilities in massive critical patch update Oracle on Tuesday released its quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU) for April, which addressed a whopping 128 security issues across multiple product families.

NeatDesk Scanner Review: Viewpoints Bloggers Say It’s Not Perfect, But Worth It

For the trial, Viewpoints bought seven scanners from the Neat Company. Viewpoints asked its customers. It’s small (10.8″W x 7.5″D x 7.3″H) compared to most printers.

Mobile Operating System (OS): Market 2013-2018

It also evaluates the business models being offered by the main mobile OS standards. It provides examples of mobile network operator pricing and examines the strategy being employed by the MNOs to ensure that they maintain relevancy in terms of content.

Cyber war and global order

For an authoritarian regime to publicly admit that its own computer networks are being hacked by hostile powers is a significant revelation, besides being a clever alibi. 

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