10 IT Managed Services Provider Challenges in 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, many businesses rely on Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to handle their IT operations, ensuring seamless performance, robust security, and increased efficiency. It’s a fast growing trend (of hiring an even faster-growing industry) that has proven to be a mightily effective choice for businesses around the globe. However, not all

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Why Every Company is Now a Technology Company

Technology is so much a part of how we live and work – it has become a critical part of every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional.  Turn off all your computers. Shut off your office Wi-Fi. Now try running your business. Find it impossible without your technology? Just about all businesses can’t

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How to Add Authentication Security and Maintain User Convenience

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the most powerful data breach prevention tools. MFA is extremely effective at eliminating fake sign-in attempts to resources such as applications, online accounts, and Virtual Private Networks (remote access

Business Continuity Services Bergen County NJ

5 Steps for creating your Business Continuity Plan

5 Running a business is a challenging task. Can your SMB handle an unexpected situation? Entrepreneur Magazine reports 20% of SMBs fail within their first twelve months of opening doors. And another 50% do not

NJ IT Services Cost - Managed IT Price New Jersey

Explained: IT Services Pricing Core Factors

There are is a number of factors that influence IT Managed Services pricing, which are typically provided on a fixed monthly fee basis – for a defined IT environment, scope of services, and specified number

CEO text scam phighing

Is it your CEO texting… or Is It a Scammer?

Imagine you’re going about your day when suddenly you receive a text from the CEO. The head of the company is asking for your help. They’re out visiting customers or networking with potential clients and

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Getting a Cybersecurity Insurance? 7 Questions to Ask First

Cyberthreats are definitely not going away.  And the costs of remediating a breach are skyrocketing. You should be thinking about getting cybersecurity insurance. Organizations that go without cyber insurance are, as expected, exposed to greater

Data Breach Insurance

What Does Data Breach Insurance Cover?

Is your business prepared for a data breach? Chances are, unless you have data breach insurance in place, the answer is no. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, and if your business isn’t properly insured,

Cloud Migration Challenges

5 Strategies for Mitigating Cloud Migration Challenges

IT is a vital part of any business, ensuring security, business continuity, employee productivity , and more. According to research by Computer Economics , businesses throughout various industries have IT spends ranging from 3 to

SMB Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for SMB: What You Need to Know

Think you don’t need to worry about SMB cybersecurity because your business is too small to be attacked? Sorry, nearly two-thirds of American small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are targeted by cybercriminals annually. Thing is,

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7 IT Problems in Business and How to Solve Them

IT is a vital part of any business, ensuring security, business continuity, employee productivity , and more. According to research by Computer Economics , businesses throughout various industries have IT spends ranging from 3 to 11% of their revenue. With such a significant investment and vital support for the company’s operations on the line, businesses need a reliable way to…

Ring Doorbell Camera Setup [Security Tips]

For Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMB) Managed IT Services used to be deployed on location, for in-office environments. Recent world events, such as the pandemic, propelled the demand for a remote workforce and hybrid environments, and we support our clients with employees who use devices to do business from home. We want everyone to benefit from the best safety options…

What is Cloud Computing Security and Why Do You Need It?

Cloud services are an integral part of how many organizations do business today. However, the benefits that those services bring come with risks as well. And this is where the role of “what is cloud security?” comes into play. Research from IBM shows that the number of serious cloud vulnerabilities has increased by 150% over the past five years, highlighting…

The Top 10 Most Exploitable Network Security Vulnerabilities Affecting Businesses Today

For those of you who don’t believe data theft to be a serious threat to your business, consider that 95% of cybersecurity incidents at SMBs cost anywhere between $826 and $653,587! With figures like that, it’s no wonder that some SMBs close up shop forever after being hit by a devastating cyber attack. To help you from becoming another shuttered…

Is it phishing? How to check a suspicious email

By now everyone is aware of scam emails, and what phishing is. It is very prevalent. It takes over our inboxes on an everyday basis, posing security threats to our sensitive data. It can lead to identity and money theft, systems, and network vulnerability, data loss, and damage to your reputation. It can happen to an individual, and to any…

4 BYOD Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

Mobile devices are an integral part of workflows across nearly every industry, whether at the office, on the worksite, or for remote work. And for employee-owned devices, bring your own devices (BYOD) risks run rampant. To facilitate mobile and remote working, many businesses choose BYOD as a solution. This strategy requires employees to bring their own devices to access organizational…

The Benefits of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing for Your Business

IT Infrastructure outsourcing is a subcontracting service in which the management of an organization’s Information Technology (IT) systems and applications is handled by a third party. To remain competitive in today’s market, knowing how to use technology to your advantage is vital. But it often seems that merely keeping up with the latest technological trends is a full-time job. That’s…

Understanding Break-Fix vs. Managed Services

Support services in the IT industry are of two types—break-fix or managed services. With break-fix services, the provider only extends help when something is “broken.” Meanwhile, managed IT services is entrusting an entire business process to a third-party service provider. Most companies will enlist both services over the years. However, understanding the difference between break-fix and managed services will save…

How to fix 5 biggest and costly remote workforce mistakes

The new reality of COVID pandemic-enforced changes is now a major contributor to an increase in the remote workforce. The major changes in business operations are something that companies large and small have in common around the globe. At the height of the pandemic, an estimated 69% of workers had to change their in-office hours to working from home. Even…

The Cost of IT Support for Small Businesses

Estimating the average cost of IT support services depends on a number of factors. There is no universal IT services price list that SMBs can refer to because the needs of every business are unique to their process. At the core of these factors are an organization’s needs, budget, and goals, along with the type and scope of outsourced IT…

Stop biting when Reply-Chain is phishing emails

Oh, the infamous phishing! It seems everywhere you look there is a cybersecurity article about it. That’s because is still the most efficient way for cybercriminals to deploy cyberattacks. We are not an exception, here are a few more articles we have on Phishing: How to spot a phishing email [5 easy tips] Phishing Scam: Student Loan Forgiveness Beware of…

IT Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

Outsourcing your company’s information technology services to a managed services provider (MSP) may seem like a daunting undertaking. However, it can save you time and money in the short and long-term while allowing you to focus more on your core business tasks. Large and small businesses alike can reap the benefits of IT outsourcing, but business owners and managers must…

The 10 Benefits of Remote IT Support

The benefits of remote IT support truly shine for companies in remote work or hybrid setups. Employees expect access to their needed tools wherever and whenever they need them, not to mention assistance for technical issues. Businesses increasingly turn to remote IT support to keep up with these demands. With remote IT services, professionals can assist users, customers, or clients…

How to spot a phishing email [5 easy tips]

In short, a phishing e-mail is a fraudulent attempt to trick you into providing personal information. It is often designed to look like a legitimate email from a sender you trust urging you to take action, in an effort to get you to provide your credentials such as login information to a specific website. It can also try to trick…

Microsoft Exchange Server CVE Vulnerabilities Announcement

On September 30, 2022, Microsoft released guidance regarding Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE exploits discovered in Microsoft Exchange Server in August of 2022.  This guidance appeared in various industry alerts – including the  New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC), where the alert has been provided to assist organizations in guarding against the persistent malicious actions of cybercriminals. powersolution is a…

The Importance of Cyber Security for Businesses in 2022

Though the pandemic put a lot of physical distance between us, we’ve never been more digitally interconnected.  This is especially true of businesses. They were forced to choose between rapidly adopting new technologies or shutting their doors for good. Those that succeeded implemented ways for their employees to communicate and collaborate from afar. In the wake of these changes, many…

Phishing Scam: Student Loan Forgiveness

I received a call the other day from an unknown number on my cell phone. I did not pick it up, as I tend to do with unknown callers, and let it go to voicemail. After hearing the voicemail left, I was slightly amused. A very nice, young, American-sounding female was letting me know that I was qualified for the…

A Closer Look at Managed IT Services Pricing

Businesses often research managed IT services pricing when ready to make the leap to an MSP. Unfortunately, what many don’t realize is that there are a number of factors that influence overall service pricing. And without a managed IT services calculator, it can be quite challenging to accurately estimate managed IT costs with all the variables involved.  Given those reasons,…

HIPAA-required risk analysis demands repetition

Various healthcare industry studies have shown that an alarming number of medical practices are not prepared to be HIPAA compliant.   For example, certain surveys indicated roughly 1/3 of respondents had not conducted a HIPAA-required risk analysis. HIPAA ruling 164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A) requires a medical practice (covered entity) to periodically perform a thorough risk analysis. Meanwhile, The U.S. Department of Health and Human…

How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

As technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, organizations have found themselves investing more into its implementation and maintenance.  The result is climbing productivity and improved operational efficiency. And yet, as every business owner knows, it’s a process that quickly becomes as time-consuming as it is expensive. That’s why many companies have turned to managed services providers (MSP) for help. Outsourcing your company’s…

What is MFA? Best Methods for Multi-Factor Authentication

With cybersecurity on the rise, Multi-factor Authentication is a go-to for an additional security measure for your devices and data points. Question: What is Multi-factor Authentication … and Which Method is Best? Answer: Multi-factor authentication is a method of securing data and applications after a user presents two or more credentials to verify the user’s identity for login.  It provides…

The 5 Benefits of Cyber Awareness Training for Your Business

Maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture is more important than ever. With so many businesses investing in digital transformation technologies, the ramifications of a cyber attack would be devastating.  Combine this with the fact that many organizations have standardized the work-from-home model and you’ve got a recipe for serious disruption. But it’s not all doom and gloom. While hackers are eager…

The Complete Guide to Managed IT Services Benefits

Gone are the simple days of break-fix IT support. As companies increase their dependence on information technology, they must also increase their spending on the scope and scale of IT support.  However, as many companies know firsthand, maintaining an in-house IT team large enough to meet these growing demands can quickly become unsustainable. So the question remains: how can organizations…

Can Outlook E-Mail Disclaimer Protect You From Legal Liability?

It is safe to estimate that less than 10% of email recipients with disclaimers ever read them. Do you? To protect the sender and bind the recipient to the email disclaimer, email disclaimers rely on contract law. Ryan Calo, at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, says, quote: “In most circumstances, they (email disclaimers) would not…

Common Goals and Objectives of an Information Security Risk Assessment

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices are outnumbering the population of our planet. It is estimated that the planet has over 20 billion devices. The cybercrime results in business-related economic losses in the astounding amount of approximately $8 trillion – EIGHT TRILLION! Beyond its financial cost, the cybercrime disrupts critical and strategic infrastructure of the affected organizations. When an organization…

NJIT Master of Science in Computer Science Online

A research university New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, offers the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) – Online. The program was first announced and launched in 2013 and is going strong today. A faculty of academics, researchers, and industry professionals well accomplished in their related fields are leading…

Watch out for Follina - a new zero-day Microsoft Office Suite vulnerability

A new vulnerability has been discovered for the Microsoft Office Suite named “Follina”.  It is triggered by opening malicious MS Office documents. Follina is a zero-day discovery. It does not appear that there are any exploits just yet, but due to the nature of this exploit, attackers will start to utilize it.   “Zero-day” is a recently discovered security vulnerability…

Beware of Spoofing during Memorial Day Weekend

As we go into the long Memorial Day weekend, many users will be checking their phones for new emails, or taking advantage of holiday shopping deals and making online purchases. Cybercriminals are aware of this and will use tactics to try and get you to open a malicious email. While you may think you are receiving an email from a known…

Does My Small Business Need to Use Encryption?

Have you been bewildered by cybersecurity standards that tell you to encrypt this and encrypt that?  Encryption can sound like it’s just for some government agency or a larger company that works with highly sensitive information. Wikipedia defines IT relation encryption as a scheme that usually uses a pseudo-random encryption key generated by an algorithm. It is possible to decrypt the message without possessing the…

How to Combat Social Media Attacks on your Small Business

You may know email Phishing, the fraudulent practice of messages appearing to be from reputable companies. They induce individuals to click on links or respond in other ways, where victims may reveal personal and sensitive information. Phishing is the number one method of cybercrime. It can result in various forms of damage, from ransomware to theft of personal details or…
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