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Security Audit

Explaining Cybersecurity Audits (And 3 Tips for Running One)

You need more than the latest antivirus software to ensure your company’s network is secure. A cybersecurity audit helps you create a complete picture of your security strategy. Cybercrime has grown into one of the epidemics of modern times. In 2018 alone, we saw 812.67 million instances of malware infection. Meanwhile, 2020 brought with it a 600% increase in cybercrime. And estimates state that ransomware attacks will cost companies over $6 trillion per year by


IT Compliance Policy – 7 Things You Need to Consider

Conducting business operations in the digital world is prone to security risks. Mitigating them would be impossible if you don’t have an IT compliance policy. Setting up a robust IT compliance policy in your business is more important now than ever. And it’s because most organizations now depend on digitized services. Online companies rely on e-commerce websites to do business by taking orders and receiving payments. Even brick-and-mortar organizations utilize software to perform various activities,


8 Best Practices for Vetting Cybersecurity Vendors

An effective way to bolster your business’s data security is to work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or I.T. Service Provider (ITSP). They address network vulnerabilities to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting them. Besides monitoring and organizing your servers, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or I.T. Service Provider (ITSP) plays a pivotal role in the cybersecurity program of your business. They implement several strategies to shield your network from attacks and protect your data. For

Managed Services Security

Why Outsource your IT Security and Support

As you know, for an organization to enjoy continued success and growth, it needs a management that can effectively oversee key areas of daily business operations such as administration, finances, and marketing. But what about technology? Constantly changing and increasingly complicated, it makes sense to outsource technology to our team of skilled professionals. You need an IT management team from Our most important job is to relieve you of the burden of technology, so

Ramsomware Alert

2021 ransomware figures reveal a profound threat for SMBs worldwide

The security company SonicWall has reported just about 500 million ransomware attacks through September 2021 – a 148% increase compared to the data from the same time period last year. It is very alarming that approximately 714 million attempted ransomware attacks are expected by the end of 2021, a 134% surge overall of 2020. This year alone SonicWall security researchers found more than 1,100 previously unknown malware variants per day. To make things worse, SMBs

Work Remotely - Cloud

Seven Ways to Maximize Cloud Solutions for Your Small Business

Cloud computing has been front and center of the global shift to remote working. Find out how you can maximize this technology for your small business. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic rendered many business practices obsolete. Face-to-face brainstorming sessions… Team building activities… Even the entire concept of the office… But the global crisis also accelerated the adoption of certain technologies that might be worth holding on to even as the world recovers. This includes

First half of 2021 brings double the ransomware

The number and severity of ransomware attacks targeting manufacturing, legal, health care, and other sectors in the United States and across the globe have surged in 2021 compared to all other years. Victims of ransomware paid cybercriminals paid more money in the first half of 2021 than in all of 2020 – a staggering $590 million, with Bitcoin being a prevalent currency for cyber extortion. According to the analysis of suspicious activity report published by the

The Money Pit for SMBs: what you need to know about rising costs of ransomware

A recent CSO publication highlights various possible ransomware costs that might be unexpected. CSO (“Chief Security Officer”) is an organization that provides critical information to enterprises related to defending against criminal attacks. It addresses topics such as risk management, network defense, fraud, and data loss prevention. The following discusses some of the key points presented by CSO and additional information related to ransomware. As you know Ransomware, a fast-growing form of cyberattacks, is a specific

Business Cybersecurity: Selecting and Hardening Remote Connections (VPNs)

The number and percentage of employees working remotely has been growing significantly over the past several years – accelerating and proliferating due to the impact of the COVID pandemic. Industry studies indicate the trend towards increased remote workers will continue due to benefits to both employers and employees. Do your remote workers connect securely? Get a security assessment to see if you qualify for our Managed IT Security Services. This week, the National Security Agency

Countdown to Windows 11 release

It is official: October 5th was chosen as a release date for the long-anticipated Windows 11.  It’s been 6 years since Windows 10 came out, and users need to know how this rollout will take place. Organizations can now test Windows 11 in preview mode via Azure Virtual Desktop or via preview in the new Windows 365. Starting next Tuesday, October 5, 2011, you can buy a new PC with Windows 11 already installed, or

Cybersecurity alert: Fake Windows 11 install infects PCs

It has come to powersolution’s attention that a FAKE Microsoft Windows 11 installer is being distributed online. How this fraudulent Windows 11 installer malware works: A file gives the illusion of a legitimate Windows 11 installation tool. Instead, it is malware is designed to infect unsuspecting users’ systems. The malicios file invokes a series of installers that resemble an ordinary installation wizard, including a license agreement. If you observe this malicious Windows 11 installation file,

New Ransomware Attackers Appear

A new version of the LockBit ransomware offering recently appeared and is experiencing rapid growth.  This growth is occurring to a great extent due to the July 2021 disappearance of REvil (“Ransomware Evil”), a private ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) known for its major attacks on JBS and Kaseya, impacting the operations of over 1,500 companies. LockBit is aggressively advertising to cybercriminals, which lease out LockBit to conduct ransomware attacks.    One of the selling points to cybercriminals is

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IT support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution IT industry awards
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