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What your SMB gets with a Secure Global Network (SGN) Service

We secure and protect your business computer network so you can rely on your infrastructure and run your operations with ease.


In-House and Remote Teams

Businesses are changing where work is done. Today’s businesses are a challenge to protect as they leverage co-working spaces, home offices, and remote workers using shared or unmanaged networks. Our psSGNiT cloud platform makes connecting and securing  SMBs in simple and cost-effective way


Comprehensive SaaS

Our world-class, cost-effective security program brings the cloud platform with embedded security to address the toughest challenges facing SMBs today. We unify multiple security products and features leveraging patent-pending technology. Stop threats like ransomware and malware from spreading.


Secure Remote Access

Working remotely should be safe and simple. Traditional and always-on VPNs can bypass policies and leave devices vulnerable, or come with management challenges. Connect remotely through the SGN cloud platform to support productivity and security in the real and virtual world.


Business Continuity

Imagine resilient networking at all times. The SGN cloud platform allows business operations to carry on securely, despite ISP outages, hardware failures, or natural disasters. Our global points of presence ensure policies remain enforced and traffic is inspected regardless of your employees’ location.


Inter-Office Connections

Connect multiple office locations, data centers, and remote employees all while increasing network visibility and reducing cost. Replace outdated and costly connections. We handle the routing, Cloud VPN, policy enforcement, and inspection of traffic, so you can run your business smoothly and securely.


With SGN, you get it all-in-one: