Explained: IT Services Pricing Core Factors

There are is a number of factors that influence IT Managed Services pricing, which are typically provided on a fixed monthly fee basis – for a defined IT environment, scope of services, and specified number and types of computer users.

10 Core factors that impact managed IT costs are:

  1. People: how many computer users the organizations has and their respective access levels.
  2. Systems: Number and types of devices (desktops, laptops, mobile units, BYOB devices, etc) included in the Managed Services plan
  3. Access: Types of system and network access in-office, remote workers, mobile/cloud, etc.
  4. Servers: Number and types of servers – both physical and virtual.
  5. Software applications in use – such as Microsoft Office and 3rd-party specialized business applications, either cloud-based (hosted) or on-premises (running on servers and/or workstations).
  6. Complexity of network – number and locations of computer rooms/data centers and wired and/or wireless connections – across single or multiple locations.
  7. Upgrade requirements, if needed: extent of outdated equipment that may need to be replaced/upgraded or re-configured to accommodate security, performance, and/or reliability requirements.
  8. Helpdesk  and on-site coverage needs – standard business hours (US, Eastern) only, or non-standard hours as well?  Coverage needed in other time-zones/cities outside of the New Jersey region?
  9. Backup and Recovery needs: Amount (GB/TB) and types of data that needed to be backed up and recovered – either on-site and/or through cloud-based backup. What are the  recovery point objectives (age of oldest backup)  and recovery time (longest downtime) requirements?
  10. Compliance and Industry/Government Cybersecurity requirements. These include standards/requirements such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),  GDRP, Center for Internet Security, SANS Institute – Top 20 Security Controls, the New York Department of Financial Services (Cybersecurity Regulation), HIPAA, and the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell.

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powersolution’s Estimated Managed IT Services monthly cost


Every core factor above is a variable that in turn depends on variable needs of each business.

Our sample quote for Managed IT Services in New Jersey for a company with 15-20 computer users would generally average at $2000 a month.

That average would be within a range of  $1,500  to $3,500 per month, and the detailed pricing and actual cost for our Managed IT Services package in NJ  would entirely depend on the core factors and specific needs of a particular client.

The IT and business process requirements of your organization and all core factors would need to be understood in order to refine a price estimate for that environment.

powersolution’s IT Managed Services are priced competitively, generally in-line with most leading IT services providers.

We can provide you with a specific price quote for monthly IT Services from us, lets discuss your organization’s needs.

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We offer bundled IT Service plans

Our range of IT services, from basic to advanced bundles, is customized based on an organization’s needs and budget.

  1. Basic bundles typically include services such as workstation help desk, system remote monitoring and management, anti-virus protection, Secure Global Network (SGN), and ThreatOPs (ransomware monitoring).
  2. Advanced bundles add additional security and support, such as server monitoring and management, on-site support, Secure Global Network (SGN) multi-layered cloud-based security, disaster recovery/business continuity protection, advanced email protection, encryption, and advanced backup solutions.

We create a bundled solution after reviewing the client’s needs and customizing the solution based on feedback during the sales process.

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The following is a list of representative powersolution IT Managed Services:

  • Helpdesk IT support
  • On-site technical support
  • 24 x7 remote monitoring & management
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Network management
  • Managed firewall services
  • Secure Global Network (SGN) – approximately 12 layers of IT security
  • ThreatOps – ransomware monitoring & alerts
  • Hosted email, storage, and applications
  • AutoElevate – user software/content download controls and management
  • Data backup/recovery – On-premises and/or cloud-based
  • Email Security Solutions
  • Mobile Device Management and Encryption Solutions
  • Cloud Virtual Desktops
  • Vendor management (coordination 3rd-party IT hardware, software, and services providers)
  • Compliance standards/assistance
  • IT planning, design, & implementation, aligned with business needs
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Supplemental IT staffing

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