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M Hubert


“I wanted to say a very huge thank you from all of us at AIN for all of the help powersolution team have given us. Everyone has been really phenomenal to work with and patient with all of our requests and issues. We have made an awful lot of changes lately, we are in much better shape than we were a few weeks ago… Thank you very much – you are all so fabulous to work with!

Humanity Health Inc. New York, NY

“You’re the best, Simon. Seriously, David. In almost 20 years of being in HR, I have never worked with a vendor whose ENTIRE team is professional and responsive as you all. You can quote me on that. Awesome job.”

M. V. Elkas
“Their IT methods are always seamless, never interrupting our operations, and at the best cost. When we asked, they delivered. I would recommend them to any business that needs a dependable and reliable IT support team.They are professionals.”
Jeffrey Loren


“We hired powersolution after a growing dissatisfaction with our prior IT firm who we were with for almost a dozen years. It proved to be the best decision we ever made, especially in light of the current Covid-19 environment! They quickly and efficiently analyzed our IT systems and cost-effectively updated our hardware/software and transitioned us to their platform seamlessly, despite having to navigate their way from our old ineffective platform and our somewhat uncooperative prior IT firm.

We are a small CPA firm that normally meets face-to-face with clients, especially during Tax Season, and had to quickly transition to working at home during our most busy and productive time of the year due to covid-19. The team at powersolution set us up with VPNs in no time and we were able to completely and seamlessly transition to working at home with no downtime at all. Aside from that, they have always returned calls immediately and their response time has been instantaneous. For us, especially during Tax Season, that was critical and an important part of our decision to hire them. We could tell during our initial meeting with the owner David Dadian and Peter Jacobson that they were the right fit and literally hired them on the spot.

Everyone that we have dealt with at powersolution has been both professional and courteous and has always gone out of their way to help us in any way possible. They are truly caring professionals in every way, from the hands-on owner David Dadian down to the support level staff, you can always count on them. We highly recommend powersolution with confidence in the knowledge that they will prove to be an excellent choice. We definitely know that we made the right choice and I’m happy to speak with anyone directly who might be contemplating hiring them as their IT firm. 

V.E. Ralph Medical Emergency Supplies and Manufacturing Company

V.E. Ralph/Emergency Medical Products, Kearny NJ

“The team at powersolution.com has provided us with immediate and reliable service every time we needed them. It is a comfort knowing that their preventive IT solutions are always working behind the scene It allows us to focus on what’s important, the business of serving emergency responders with the equipment they need to save lives…”

MIKE NIZZA, MANAGING DIRECTOR                               MTM Resources, Hackensack NJ

“When we were looking for an e-commerce solution, powersolution.com’s web staff was there to help us transfer our ideas into reality. 

Their creative guidance and understanding of our business were essential in getting out our message. Leaving room for expansion of the site, they worked diligently to make sure the results were accomplished within our budget.

powersolution.com stays in touch from the start to the finish of a job.

They don’t just build solutions, they build relationships.”

Rick Kaden
Home Hardware, Waldwick NJ

“The entire team at Powersolution.com have been great. They are always prompt, patient and courteous when dealing with our issues and questions. We are in retail and have had a few instances when our POS system has crashed. They quickly responded and got us up and working while our customers waited! We can’t ask for better service than that.  I would recommend them to any business looking for great IT support and services.”


AIN, Midland Park NJ

“We are a small to medium-size media company headquartered in Midland Park, New Jersey.  We have remote offices all around the country — and overseas as well as we have international as well as domestic clients and readers.

With our headquarters in Midland Park, we have been blessed to have crossed paths with a most fantastic company, Powersolution, who handles all of our IT problems and repairs.

I am one of the founding principles of the company, 50 years ago, and at my age I am not the most “ambidextrous” person when it comes to the digital world in general, and computers in specific.  What is so impressive about Powersolution is their immediate response to any outreach. When I say immediate, when the first phone call for help goes in, it is within no more than 30 minutes a very terrific IT person is on the phone helping solve the problems.

In my case, Powersolution generally assigns one capable individual to me personally, so every time we talk I don’t need to start from the beginning. But again, the immediate response, as well as the quick solution to problems, has impressed me beyond any description I can offer here. I happen to be one of the remote people living in both Florida and Colorado when I am not in Midland Park, so again, it is so helpful that the experts at Powersolution react with an immediate response, get into my computer’s system, and fix it – they are an extraordinary company.

And I want to re-emphasize I am a high-maintenance customer, who needs a lot of hand-holding due to my lack of digital ability. It is therefore refreshing they never get upset with my questions, and almost in every case the problems are immediately solved.

 I offer Powersolution an unqualified thumbs-up as one of the finest companies we have ever worked with – and that is saying a lot having worked with printers and clients all around the world, throughout Asia, Europe and South America. Powersolution is a one-of-a-kind company, and we are thankful to have them on our team.”

Sanitation Equipment Corp. Totowa NJ

“I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for you guys coming and rescuing my company from my previous IT company. I endured unworkable email for many months… I appreciate so much your immediate onsite attention to ensuring the security of my system.

You are top notch and your techs care which is not the type of experience I had before.


Scura, Wayne NJ

“I also wanted to share what many attorneys have shared with me. You are a great company & were impressed with the quick responses to solve problems! I have worked with several IT companies and you are by far the best. You have made my responsibilities so much easier.”

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